Is WWE a Scripted Fake or Is It Real?

We are all huge fans of the intense wrestling matches on WWE, but have you ever heard of a company called fake WWE? The answer to whether or not WWE is genuine is a mystery to others. Most likely not, given that it is referred to as WWE exclusive.

And the word “FAKE” does not appear anywhere in it. I was a huge fan of WWE (known back then as WWF) when I was little, and I never missed one episode. Despite this, I am a supporter as well.

On the other hand, most of us are still unaware of the genuine realities regarding WWE. In this essay, I will dispel some myths surrounding WWE and present some facts.

Is WWE Fake or Real?

Is WWE Fake
Is WWE Fake

The simple response to that question is yes. The WWE is a scam. However, depending on the circumstances, you might have to say that it's REAL! That is a point that anyone may debate.

However, fans each have their perspective regarding whether or not WWE is a fictional organization. I gave you an honest response, but things should not be handled that way. The solution becomes tricky when you wish to consider facts and some other stuff.

To begin, “WWE” is an abbreviation for “World Wrestling Entertainment,” and the company markets itself as “sports entertainment” rather than “professional wrestling.” Therefore, it is safe to presume that the only purpose it serves is to amuse.

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In addition, the CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon, has confirmed that it is a fabrication! In the 1990s, he was granted admission to the Supreme Court, and he did so to pay fewer taxes and receive more levies.

McMahon clarified that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a kind of entertainment and not a legitimate sport. There are times when I have the feeling that I have been living a lie all this time. On the other hand, if I consider a few additional factors, I can convince myself that it was not a lie.

Even if the outcomes of fights are planned, real things nevertheless happen during them, such as springing from the corner and shattering the table and chairs. You cannot fake a leap. All wrestlers have a high level of skill and extensive training to perform in such a manner.

The fights on the WWE are staged, just like the fights on the WWE television series; however, the bruises and blood are real. However, it is impossible to deny that they provide us with entertainment; wrestlers are real-life stuntmen who perform their stunts in front of an audience in real-time.

The Use of Scripts in Wrestling

Is WWE Fake
Is WWE Fake

Even though professional wrestlers don't want it to be considered fake, the event is more along the lines of predetermined entertainment. During the 1920s, wrestling matches were held in carnivals frequented by wrestlers who traveled together.

Because they were not each other's adversaries, there is no need for them to be cruel to one another. However, due to its enormous popularity and extensive attention in the media, the public became aware in the 1980s that it was a hoax.

You can't argue that wrestling is false; instead, you should call it scripted, according to the opinion of certain specialists. However, for entertainment, professional wrestling adheres to the concept of “Kayfabe.”

What Exactly is Kayfabe?

Is WWE Fake
Is WWE Fake

This phrase is used in the sport of professional wrestling, which refers to making a staged event seem as though it occurred. In other words, even though everything is predetermined, it still needs to have the appearance of being honest.

Additionally, it supports the non-wrestling aspects used to promote WWE events, such as storylines, feuds, backstage drama, and plenty of other things. Contrarily, there are repercussions for violating the kayfabe.

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The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been using this method to act as though they are planning the stage and providing entertainment for the audiences for years.

In the Fake WWE, Are Wrestlers Injured?

Is WWE Fake
Is WWE Fake

It's hard to believe that WWE wrestlers get wounded since everything is prearranged and choreographed. It's painful, but they do everything possible to limit the harm. Wrestlers slam into each other and smash to the mat to thrill the crowd, but they do so as safely as possible.

Despite all the precautions taken, accidents still occur. Injuries in the WWE are unavoidable, just like in other sports. Injuries forced several WWE stars to retire in May. In addition, the plot necessitates a few wounds. I can think of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Edge as two examples.

Joey Mercury's nose was fractured after he stepped on the wrong ladder location while climbing a ladder. The ladder was meant to strike his hands, but it slammed into his nose instead, resulting in a fractured nose. His vision was impaired. So, this is an actual injury, which proves that wrestlers aren't immune to getting wounded.

What is the Extent to Which WWE is Real?

You can tell that the two wrestlers had been beating each other up in the real world. You can see blood coming from their exposed flesh, which is real blood. All of the shots, whether from a chair, a ladder, or even a player's own body, are genuine and integral components of the game.


WWE is not entirely fabricated, except for the parts that are written. On the other hand, wrestlers would practice their lines before a match.

There is no question about the integrity of the injuries, risks, and fatigues. Wrestlers, on the other hand, do not want to harm one another but rather to provide entertainment for the audience.

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They should keep their mouths shut regarding the fraudulent WWE. If someone attempts to persuade you that WWE is a hoax, you may be able to recall the information I presented in this post.

I have a healthy regard for wrestlers because they are real-life stuntmen who put themselves in danger for the sake of our entertainment.