Is Tyler Hynes Gay? Is He Still Dating Racquel Natasha?

Famousness that bears all the hallmarks Tyler Hynes has made a name for himself as an actor and director. But he has many other talents as well. He also stands out since he is a talented writer, editor, and producer.

His appearance, though, is unrivaled. Many women find themselves drawn to him and find it difficult to resist. Despite the fact that the Canadian actor has a lot of female admirers, his sexuality is questioned by some.

So is Tyler Hynes gay? Many of his followers were taken aback by the gay allegations, but swiftly after they began, a group of his most devoted supporters rallied to his defense. So, let's check this out!

Who Is Tyler Hynes?

Tyler Hynes was raised on a ranch just outside of Ottawa after his birth on May 6, 1986, in Toronto. Tyler's interest in acting began at a young age, when he was just 8. He made his stage debut as Tiny Tim for a total of 72 performances.

Is Tyler Hynes Gay

Later on, he joined a Canadian tour of The Who's Tommy rock opera, which introduced him to the music business. He initially played the lead role in Little Men, a stage production, and then in the film adaptation.

Not long after the popularity of his film, Tyler made an appearance in both episodes of Tales from the Neverending Story and The Chosen One.

Is Tyler Hynes Gay?

Rumors are spreading on internet that Tyler Hynes. But he is not a gay. He has a girlfriend named as Racquel Natasha. She works as a commercial model. Unfortunately, that is the only information we can know about Tyler’s girlfriend.

Is Tyler Hynes Gay

He posted a photo of them together once on social media, but quickly deleted it; the woman's name is Racquel Natasha; this further increases the likelihood that he is not gay and is in fact completely straight.

But if you're wondering why Tyler has been the subject of homosexual rumors in the first place, it's because he once said he doesn't get along well with his female co-hosts. It was a throwaway comment, therefore we can't use it to determine whether or not he is gay. He might not be bisexual, but no issues of that nature have arisen as of yet.

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