Is True Story Based on Kevin Hart’s Real-life Experiences?

Comic Kevin Hart has made a name for himself with his hilarious stand-up specials and hilarious feature films. Though he's known for his humorous parts, the comedian is branching out into more dramatic characters, like the Kid in the upcoming Netflix series True Story. Kevin Hart is a well-known comedian whose work has been included in numerous films and specials.

Kevin, 42, plays the main character in the Netflix thriller, which is a short series. The Kid, a stand-up comic, is the protagonist of this narrative about his wild night out in his native Philadelphia that ends in disaster.

From there on out, the plot takes a series of unexpected turns and twists as The Kid works under close scrutiny to clear up the mess. But how closely does the story in True Story reflect reality?

Is True Story Based on the Real Life Events?

Kevin Hart aspects in True Story are just coincidental. The New York Times says that Narcos creator Eric Newman claimed Hart sought to play a character with similar traits to himself because both Hart and his character are well-known Philadelphia stand-up comedians.

Hart has said that he is continually tempted to transgress because of his position, but he has never repeated any of the bad deeds that The Kid does in this seven-part series.

Is True Story Based on Kevin Hart's Real-life Experiences?

He told the New York Times, “It's so easy to do dumb s**t.” It's available whenever you might need it. Care is demonstrated by our efforts to act morally and lead a good life. Indeed, some work is required. It's not like work in the traditional sense, but you have to exert effort continually to ensure that you're following the rules and being polite. It's important to have a solid support system that isn't afraid to say “no.”

Similarly, Hart drew from his own life to create The Kid's demanding schedule in True Story. Hart claims that he is so productive because of his intrinsic ability to multitask.

Hart's mother emancipated him when he was a kid, and he never spoke to their father again, as revealed in the Netflix documentary Don't F**k This Up. Robert, not Carlton, is Hart's older brother's name. Contrary to the tense relationship depicted between Carlton and The Kid, Kevin and Robert continues to have a solid bond to this day.

Can We Anticipate Season 2's Release?

With Netflix advertising True Story as a limited series consisting of only seven episodes, renewal for a second season seems exceedingly unlikely. As of this writing, there has been no confirmation of a second season.

The Kid spends the night drinking heavily and wakes up with a dead woman in his hotel room; the story finishes on this gloomy note.

Is True Story Based on Kevin Hart's Real-life Experiences?

To dispose of the body, Carlton (Wesley Snipes) and his brother engage professional assassin Ari. To keep his secret safe, Kid kills the criminal Ari when he tries to blackmail him for $6 million (£4.6 million). But it was then revealed that the “dead” woman was actually only acting dead in order for Carlton to extort money from Kid via Ari. But things moved from bad to worse when Ari was actually killed by Kid.

The season closes with Kid killing his brother Carlton and both of Ari's brothers (who were riding on his back searching for their missing sibling). Kid's best buddy, Hersch (Will Catlett), blackmails him into preserving his secret.

True Story can only be renewed for a second season if Kevin and the showrunners are willing to modify the dynamic between Kid and Herch.


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