Is Troy Aikman Married? Did He Remarry After His Divorce?

It's common knowledge that Troy Aikman has a stellar reputation in the National Football League. But what does his personal life look like? Can we assume that Troy is a family man? His romantic experiences are detailed here.

Troy has kept his friends and acquaintances in the shadows over the years. A look at his social media accounts, however, reveals some details about his life. Through the pictures he posts of his family, Troy lets everyone in on his daily life.

Who Is Troy Aikman?

A former player, analyst, and broadcaster for the American football league, Troy Aikman is a household name. On this date in 1966, Aikman was brought into the world. West Covina, California was home for him for a large chunk of his early childhood.

Twelve-year-old Aikman moved to Henryetta, Oklahoma with his family, where he excelled in both football and baseball enough to be named an All-State selection. In 1983, Aikman also won the Oklahoma high school typing championship.

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Is Troy Aikman Married?

Despite the fact that he was once recognized as the most eligible bachelor in Dallas, Troy Aikman is now a married man who has tied the knot twice. Rhonda Worthey, a former publicist for the Cowboys, and Troy Aikman tied the knot on April 8, 2000.

The divorce was finalized on April 12 of the same year, 2011, following the couple's separation in January of that year. Alexa Marie and Jordan Ashley are Aikman and Rhonda's two daughters together from their previous relationship.

On September 1, 2017, he wed Catherine Mooty, a high-end fashion retailer. This was his second marriage. The former professional basketball player made the announcement about the couple's engagement on Instagram, writing: “June 2, 2017 – A special day as I proposed to the love of my life.”

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The couple is now engaged. Aikman was romantically involved with both the actress Sandra Bullock and the country singer Lorrie Morgan before he tied the knot for the first time.

Aikman’s Relationship With His First Wife

After their divorce, Troy remarried Rhonda Worthey. Their divorce came after eleven years of marriage. A legal separation was finalized in April 2011. Troy never spoke publicly about the divorce, and it was finalized behind closed doors.

However, TMZ was able to confirm the story and release it to the public. Rhonda was arrested for public intoxication a year after her divorce was finalized. Rhonda and Troy's breakup reasons were never explained.

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There have been rumors that she will appear on “The Real Housewives of Dallas” because of her friendship with Troy. Rhonda was left out of the show's official cast announcement. What happened and whether or not the rumors are accurate are mysteries.

Troy Aikman's Second Wife

A prominent fashion retailer, the two wed in 2017 after the former Cowboys quarterback's retirement. Catherine ‘Capa' Mooty's birthplace is Dallas. Capa Mooty is a business mogul and style icon. Catherine Mooty is one of the six people responsible for starting the Luxeliner mobile store.

Is Troy Aikman Married

As an added bonus, Catherine is also totally in the know when it comes to the latest fashions. Reports have it that Catherine introduced Troy to her ex-husband, a relative of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. They started going together in February 2016 and got engaged on June 3 of 2017.

Who Has Dated Troy Aikman?

During the 1990s, while he was leading the Dallas Cowboys to three Super Bowl victories, quarterback Troy Aikman dated a lot of famous people. Before he divorced Rhonda in 2011, he dated a number of women, including Sandra Bullock and country singer Lorrie Morgan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Was Troy Aikman’s Best Season?

In 1992, under Aikman's direction, the Cowboys posted a 13–3 regular season record, tying for first in the NFC. With 89 completions, Aikman broke Joe Montana's playoffs record of 83 throws without an interception.

When Did Troy Aikman Get His Start in Broadcasting?

At the start of the 2001 season, Aikman joined the Fox broadcast booth as a color commentator. By the 2002 season, he had worked his way up to the network's top broadcast team. Aikman was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2004 for his work in television journalism. He's been involved in broadcasting for six different Super Bowls thus far: XXXIX, XLII, XLV, XLVIII, LI, and LIV.