Is Tom Selleck Gay? Separating Fact From Fiction on the Actor’s Sexual Orientation!

In the realm of Hollywood gossip and celebrity speculation, rumors about the personal lives of actors often circulate, and one such rumor that has persisted over the years pertains to the sexual orientation of iconic actor Tom Selleck.

With a career spanning decades and a reputation as a private individual, it's important to separate fact from fiction and address the question: Is Tom Selleck gay?

Who Is Tom Selleck?

Selleck is an American actor best known for his role as private detective Thomas Magnum in the 1980 television series Magnum, P.I. He also played Frank Reagan, a New York City police commissioner, on the television series Blue Bloods.

Is Tom Selleck gay

Selleck has appeared in the majority of television episodes and movies as a police officer or other official. This is mostly due to his physical characteristics and well-developed physique. Selleck filed a claim for the compensation in 1985.

Since 2010, he has starred in the television series Blue Bloods as Commissioner Frank Reagan of the New York City Police Department. In addition, since the television series launch in 2005, he has played the tortured small-town police chief Jesse Stone in nine films based on Robert B. Parker's novels.

Is Tom Selleck gay?

No, Tom Selleck isn't gay. Given what he says, Tom Selleck is heterosexual. The actor has had two marriages in his life. His first marriage, which lasted from 1971 to 1982, was with model Jacqueline Ray.

Selleck adopted Ray's son, musician Kevin Shephard, during their marriage. Selleck began dating actress Mimi Rogers, who was previously married to Tom Cruise, in 1987. They eventually married, with Selleck marrying English actress Jillie Mack.

Selleck appears to have moved on from these rumors. He told TV Guide, “I don't know where these rumors come from,” about the persistent conjecture about his sexual orientation.

Is Tom Selleck married?

The actor was previously married to Jacqueline Ray, the star of the Magnum P.I. series, from 1971 to 1982. They married before he built a name for himself in a private investigation. Even though they had no children, Selleck took up Kevin, Jacqueline's son, from a former marriage.

Is Tom Selleck gay

The strain of the celebrity's newfound fame, combined with the overwhelming attention Tom received from loyal fans, fueled speculations that they were divorcing. Tom later married Jillie Mack, an actress born in England who starred in Magnum P.I.

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Selleck would return every night to see Mack perform in the Broadway smash hit “Cat's,” which starred Mack at the time. She was soon seen by his side at film premieres and award presentations, and in 1987, they married in a very secret ceremony.

Tom’s First Movie Role as a Gay Character

Despite being suspected of being gay, Tom Selleck portrayed a gay man in the 1997 film “In and Out.” He was a closet case who portrayed a TV reporter whose sexual orientation had been revealed by a tabloid years prior.

Is Tom Selleck gay

Though it was an old idea, he reasoned that a dramatic scene of guys kissing would satisfy his critics, who said he was homophobic.

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Selleck said in a 2015 issue of TV Guide, “People were saying I was anti-gay because I had sued several tabloids for falsely claiming I was gay.” By taking up the role, “those rumors were dispelled.”

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