Is the Tailor Based on a True Story? Digging Into the Mystery of the Turkish Thriller!

What do you do when your history continues to haunt your present and your future is unknown as a result of your past? The Tailor is asking the same thing. The Tailor is a Turkish mystery thriller directed by Cem Karci and produced exclusively for Netflix.

It debuted quite some time ago, and it's loaded with hidden information and a dramatic backstory. Peyami Dokumac (Cagatay Ulusoy), a famous fashion designer, appears happy on the surface but is haunted by his past.

We'll be talking about one of the biggest mysteries that The Tailor leaves its viewers with. Is The Tailor based on a true story? Is there anyone in the world with the name “Peyami”? In the end, what happens to him? Here are the solutions to your problems. Let's start reading.

Is the Tailor Based on a True Story?

The plot of ‘The Tailor' is inspired by real events. The TV show was adapted from a short story written by Gülseren Budaycolu. Rana Mamatlolu and Bekir Baran Stk adapted the novel into a screenplay.

The film was directed by Cem Karci, and the show's originator is Onur Güvenatam. Therefore, the four minds behind the show can be credited with molding the TV program. Despite what some may have heard, the show is most likely not based on genuine occurrences.

Is the Tailor Based on a True Story

Does The Tailor Represent Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu’s, Real-Life Story?

The show's fundamental plot was created by Gülseren Budaycolu. Budaycolu is well-known in Turkey as a novelist and scriptwriter for television. She eventually became a TV host and novelist, but she began her professional life as a psychiatrist.

‘Madalyonun çi,' ‘Camdaki Kz,' and ‘Hayata Dön,' to name a few of Budayciolu's works, have been adapted into successful television series. Some have speculated that the author adapted ‘The Tailor' from his/her third published work, ‘Hayata Dön.'

The book, which debuted in 2011, follows a young girl named Ala as she through a series of horrific events. The author frequently utilizes personal experiences and anecdotes to illustrate points and provide context.

But the story in ‘The Tailor' is different from Ala's, so it's not a direct adaptation of the book. Instead, it's more likely that Budaycolu's other interactions with her patients served as inspiration for the show.

In an interview from the year 2023, Budaycolu discussed the other TV shows she had adopted. The author stated that she gets ideas from observing real individuals. However, Budaycolu also disclosed that to protect their anonymity, she generally avoids depicting them or their everyday lives as they actually are.

Despite this, she is able to craft believable protagonists and antagonists. The website Hurriyet features a blog written by Budaycolu. Budaycoolu uses her blog to talk about her work as a psychiatrist and get the word out about mental health.

She also discusses her reactions to letters sent to her by others who are having difficulties with their own mental health. The possible primary inspiration for the TV show came from one of these letters.

It has already been established that ‘The Tailor' is a work of fiction because of Budaycoolu's fictionalization of real-life characters and events. The protagonist, Peyami Dokumac, struggles with his father's mental health concerns as “The Tailor” delves into his troubled history.

Meanwhile, Esvet is a young woman whose parents have arranged her marriage to a man who has a history of abuse. Thus, the show investigates the link between parental behavior and its biophysical consequences for offspring.

As a result, the show delves into controversial topics and intricate relationships that strike a chord with viewers. Overall, ‘TheTailor' is a TV show that cares a great deal about delving into its characters' psyches.

These fictional people may or may not be based on real people, but their feelings are believable because of Budaycoolu's insight into the human condition. Domestic violence, mental illness, marriage, motherhood, and adoption are just some of the complicated topics covered. Therefore, the series feels somewhat realistic despite its highly dramatic and intricate plot.

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