Is Taylor Swift Dating F1 Superstar Fernando Alonso?

When F1 drivers are being connected to worldwide pop artists, much less one of the biggest stars in the world, you know the sport has been absent for a while.

There is still one week left of Formula's four-week vacation, but already some strange headlines have emerged, like as the one connecting two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso to American pop star Taylor Swift.

Multiple Spanish publications have stated that the Aston Martin driver has been dating Swift for a week, although the rumor first appeared on the anonymous Instagram gossip page Duexmoi.

Is Taylor Swift Dating F1 Superstar Fernando Alonso

Duexmoi posted a story to Instagram with the caption “Taylor Swift rumors,” where the rumor first surfaced.

“A couple of Spanish magazines have been posting about TS and Spanish F1 driver Fernando Alonso,” Duexmoi explained.

They say that the couple has been dating for a week. Since they are both newly single, it's nothing serious, though.

Is Taylor Swift Dating F1 Superstar Fernando Alonso

Despite the fact that they are both newly single after their respective breakups with long-term partners (Alonso and Andrea Schlager, and Swift and Joe Alwyn), the two probably don't know each other.

Maybe Alonso is aiming to emulate Lewis Hamilton, who dated pop singer Nicole Scherzinger when he was 38.

Swift and Alonso's respective fan bases instantly spread the tweet over the internet. While the potential of a romantic relationship between the two actors thrilled many fans, others were skeptical.

There may not be any formal confirmation of the two people's relationship, but that hasn't stopped the revelation from causing quite a stir in the media. Others have speculated that this is not the first time Swift and Alonso have been romantically linked, but rather the first time their relationship has been brought to public attention.

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