Is Scott Laughton Gay? Everything About the Hockey Star!

Scott Laughton, the accomplished ice hockey player for the Philadelphia Flyers, is a well-known figure in the sports world. While his professional achievements are celebrated, there has been curiosity surrounding his personal life, specifically speculation about his sexual orientation.

In this post, we will look into the speculations and try to find out the truth regarding Scott Laughton's personal life and sexual orientation.

We will look at his public remarks and behavior, as well as the thoughts of those closest to him, to see if the reports are true. Stay tuned for more!

Is Scott Laughton Gay?

No, Scott Laughton isn't gay. His unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community has had a significant impact on recent conversations about his sexual orientation.

A conversation ensued following Philadelphia's annual Pride Night, during which he boldly revealed his desire to use the forbidden Pride tape.

“You will almost certainly observe me that evening with the Pride Tape playing.” Charlie O'Connor of PHLY Sports quoted him as saying, “They are free to express themselves.”

Laughton, as promised, played the Pride tape during the most recent game against the Canadiens, sparking speculation about his sexual orientation.

Is Scott Laughton Gay?

However, Laughton's support of LGBTQ+ causes goes beyond symbolic gestures. In 2022, he co-founded the Flyers' Pride Initiative with former teammate James van Riemsdyk and has been a staunch supporter ever since.

Furthermore, he was an early member of the Alphabet Sports Collective, which is run by advocate Brock McGillis and is dedicated to eliminating homophobia and transphobia in hockey.

In an interview with Chris Lomon of the NHLPA in June 2023, Laughton underlined the need for diversity in hockey, saying:

“I believe that everyone should be welcome to play hockey. It doesn't matter who you love, what color your skin is, or what your background is; I just believe it's the best game in the world, and everyone should be able to play it or feel comfortable watching it in the crowd.”

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In response to doubts over his sexual orientation, it is apparent that Laughton is in a difficult relationship with his husband, which unequivocally demonstrates the reality of his heterosexual sexual orientation.

As a result, despite pushing for LGBTQ+ rights both inside and outside of hockey, his personal life revolves around a committed heterosexual relationship.

Is Scott Laughton married?

Scott Laughton and his wife, Chloe Abby, have found bliss away from the rink. According to their social media pages, the couple officially married in July 2022.

Nonetheless, it was determined that the wedding ceremony we observed was a staged event. The couple had married in Haddonfield a year before.

Is Scott Laughton Gay?

Laughton revealed the information, saying, “Our wedding took place in Haddonfield a year ago.” It was only a ceremonial event.”

Ancient folks gathered to celebrate, and former Philadelphia Eagles winger Michael Raffl was among them who recognized Laughton as a member of the wedding party.

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Laughton recalls Raffl's energetic manner, joking that his contagious vigor could have made him the center point of the wedding.

The couple looks to be totally and enthusiastically embracing their journey together, as Chloe routinely publishes peeks of their lives together on social media.

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