Is Rick Owens Bisexual? Speculations About His Sexual Orientation!

In the fashion world, Rick Owens stands as a renowned and enigmatic designer known for his avant-garde creations and boundary-pushing aesthetics. Despite the spotlight on his professional life, there has been considerable speculation and curiosity surrounding Rick Owens' personal life, particularly regarding his sexual orientation.

Over the years, there has been speculation and interest in Rick Owens' sexual orientation. The designer's reserved nature and limited disclosure about his personal life have fueled rumors and discussions, with fans and the media speculating about whether Owens identifies as gay or otherwise.

In this article, we explore the elusive details surrounding Rick Owens' private life and the ongoing speculation about his sexual orientation.

Is Rick Owens Bisexual?

Yes, Rick Owens is not bisexual. He is attracted to both men and women. During their courtship, his work brought him into contact with renowned S&M photographer Rick Castro, a close friend of Rick's present wife, Michèle Lamy. This bond aided his move toward bisexuality.

Rick is not gay, contrary to popular belief, despite his unusual demeanor. This well-known fashion designer has constantly pursued his personal and professional objectives.

Is Rick Owens Bisexual


He is a major and intriguing character in the fashion world, as well as a subject of considerable interest to the LGBTQAI+ community because he is authentic and does not strive to blend in.

The dramatic change in his personal life further perplexed and intrigued his career path as a designer. He has been honest about his sexual orientation.

In terms of affection and relationships, he believes that individuals should violate society's rules and grasp any opportunity that comes their way. It appears that he regularly possesses qualities that go beyond first impressions.

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This year, various celebrities have drawn the attention of their rivals. Many prominent people are represented here, including Reed Alexander and Evan Peters. However, we have already responded to every fan query via our articles. We hope this answers your question about Rick Owens' sexual orientation.

Is Rick Owens Married?

Rick Owens has been married to the iconic French fashion and culture personality Michèle Lamy since 2006. Owens refers to Lamy as his “muse” and included her in a leaflet released in conjunction with the introduction of his Birkenstock brand in 2018.

A$AP Rocky refers to her as his “fairy godmother” and describes her as a “creative mentor.” Lamy has worked on jewelry creations with Loree Rodkin and has appeared in music videos, most notably for FKA Twigs.

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