Is Peter Doocy Married? Let’s Explore Fox News Reporter’s Love Life!

Both Steve Doocy, a co-host on Fox & Friends, and his son Peter, a White House correspondent for Fox News, have become fixtures on the channel. Beginning his career in the media in 2009, Peter has been a general assignment journalist for Fox News since that time. Since then, he has written on numerous political topics.

Doocy had asked Biden a question about recent inflation reports in the United States, and the President, who is 79 years old, appeared to call him a “stupid son of a b***h” on a hot mic.

The event that raised a few eyebrows at the White House Competitiveness Council was recorded on tape as reporters were being escorted out of the meeting. In this article, we will discuss “Is Peter Doocy Married?”. Read till the end to clear your all queries.

Is Peter Doocy Married?

Doocy's wife Hillary Vaughn is also a journalist, and she is currently employed by Fox Business Network as a correspondent. The 30-year-old journalist shot to popularity following the 2020 presidential election when one of her stories was featured on Fox News Rundown's “American Dream Series” on FOX News Audio.

Is Peter Doocy Married

For this section, she visited states with a large pool of eligible voters and recorded their concerns. Vaughn began her career in journalism as a member of the second class of Fox News' Junior Reporter Program. Having learned the ropes of on-the-ground reporting, she eventually found work as a journalist for Fox Business Network in 2016.

When Did They Marry?

Hillary Vaughn and Doocy tied the knot at the Montage Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina on April 26, 2021. Doocy's father served as best man at the intimate and low-key wedding, which was attended by no more than 18 people. Steve Doocy later displayed some photos from his son's wedding on Fox & Friends.

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Do They Have Children?

FOX News correspondents Peter Doocy and Hillary Vaughn surprised their co-hosts and viewers by announcing their pregnancy during a cooking segment. Steve, Peter's dad, made a cameo visit & cooked a dish from his new cookbook, Simply Happy.

Is Peter Doocy Married

There is a legend that Peter's time spent as a White House correspondent inspired the Iowa Caucus Casserole. All of the hosts and anchors had a bite. Steve went on to make fun of the fact that Hillary is always hungry & remarked how delicious the food was if you were also hungry.

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Clinton claimed she was preparing meals for two. The news started to spread now. Hillary then announced the baby's gender. There will be a baby girl joining the world in January of 2023, she revealed. Reportedly, the co-hosts of the show were not informed of the pregnancy.

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