Is Paul Hollywood Married? How Many Women Has He Dated?

Tonight marks the premiere of Season 13 of The Great British Bake Off, which will once again feature Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith as judges. Paul is well-known for his harsh criticism of contestants on the baking show as they strive to earn the coveted Hollywood handshake by completing a series of elaborate.

It technically challenging baking tasks. After serving as a judge on the baking competition from its 2010 debut on BBC Two, the show moved to Channel 4 in 2016.

Since the show's inception, Paul has shared the stage with the likes of Mary Berry and Prue Leith, but he's also had a slew of personal and professional relationships with women. Let's find out “is Paul Hollywood married?”

Is Paul Hollywood Married?

Paul Hollywood's girlfriend is Melissa Spalding, a 38-year-old Ashford bed and breakfast owner. The proximity of her pub to his home is likely where they initially locked gazes. Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood reportedly proposed to his girlfriend Melissa Spalding on the show.

They have been an item since 2019, and the engagement probably happened a few months ago. This 56-year-old man is speculated to have proposed to the bar owner sometime in the first half of 2022.

Is Paul Hollywood Married

A buddy at the time said, “Paul and Melissa spent a lot of time together in lockdown,” which was reported in the Mail on Sunday. They got high and partied at his place. She has settled in for good now.

They look very cheerful, which is odd considering it was purchased in the Spring. Together for the first time in public, the pair was spotted in December 2021 at the London premiere of “The King's Man” at Leicester Square.

How Did They Meet?

Paul fell in love with another younger bartender, Melissa Spalding, just a few months after his sad breakup with Summer. After meeting in a tavern not far from his rural home, the 56-year-old apparently fell in love with the bartender working there & the two quickly began a whirlwind romance, with Melissa eventually moving in with him.

Paul allegedly took Melissa, then 37 years old, to Paphos, Cyprus in October 2021, together with his exes Alex and Summer. When the couple returned from their honeymoon, they were reportedly “happier than they've ever been,” as reported by The Sun.

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Their source continued, “Paul has been working nonstop on Bake Off and Mel has been keeping busy with the pub, so they deserve a break. Melissa has played a significant role in Paul's happiness, which is at its highest level in years.

Why Did Paul & Summer Broke Up?

After Paul lavished Summer with presents and allegedly tried to get her to sign a gagging order prohibiting her from speaking about their relationship, including to her friends and family, the two eventually broke up.

Summer was outraged because she had anticipated a proposal rather than an NDA. She later posted an Instagram rant against Paul, declaring that he “couldn't bake” and that he instead “ate Rice Krispies most evenings.”

Meanwhile, Paul reportedly refused to let his ex-girlfriend reenter his £1 million home to retrieve some of her possessions and threw barbs at her on his own social media, accusing her of setting up images with the paparazzi.

Is Paul Hollywood Married

According to an Instagram post of his, he explained, “My silence on any things is not a show of weakness or acceptance of what's been said, merely I prefer a tranquil existence away from my daily work!”

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Read between the lines & don't believe everything you read. I know that people won't fall for a storyteller's attempts to make a buck off of them & making constant efforts to attract the attention of the press. There's usually more to the story than you were told, but I don't engage in such petty scheming.

How Many Women Has He Dated?

Paul was linked to the winner of the 2016 Great British Bake Off, Candice Brown, whom he had coached on the show, after the dissolution of his marriage. He was captured on camera presumably kissing her at the Pride of Britain Awards' after-party, with Candice stroking Paul's ear in another shot.

The photographs surfaced the day after she formally announced her engagement to long-term lover Liam Macaulay. Even though Paul and Candice denied the split rumors, Alex & Paul announced their split just 3 weeks later.

Candice and Liam’s marriage didn’t work out, so they divorced in 2020 but stated there was no adultery. Summer Monteys-Fullam, a bartender, rose to prominence in 2017 when news of her and her boyfriend, Paul, spread.

He first laid eyes on Summer when she was tending bar at Duke William in the small town of Ickham, not far from Canterbury. She got so close to the famous chef that she quit her job & he showered her with gifts like exotic vacations & a £9,000 hot tub for her birthday when she was only 23.

Paul bought a million-dollar home in Kent for himself & his youthful paramour in February of this year. However, the relationship only lasted a few more months after Paul persuaded Summer to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) agreeing never to publicize their romance.