Is Nintendo Metaverse a thing? What is the take of the gaming company here?

Nintendo, a well-known Japanese video game developer, has expressed trepidation about the prospect of incorporating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its gaming ecosystem. The gaming behemoth, on the other hand, sees the Metaverse as an opportunity to bring joy to its players.

Metaverse integration is not currently planned for Nintendo

Following the release of its most recent financial results report, Nintendo, the world's largest video game console developer, revealed that there is some interest in the development of a metaverse for trading games.

Nintendo Metaverse

In addition to the burgeoning NFT space, Nintendo is said to be looking into the possibility of incorporating blockchain technology into its video game offerings. The console manufacturer, on the other hand, is still undecided about whether or not to take any concrete decisions or actions.

A live question and answer session with the video game industry's titan took place on Thursday, February 3, 2022, during which the company expressed its position. Nintendo representatives were asked about their thoughts on the metaverse and NFTs during the interview, which was conducted by MST Financial senior analyst David Gibson. According to the officials:

“We do have interest in this area, we feel the potential in this area, but we wonder what joy we can provide in this area and this is difficult to define right now…”

Nintendo Metaverse

When it came to commenting on the integration of blockchain technology, Nintendo was said to be cautious. Instead, the multinational entertainment corporation concentrated on its efforts to provide players with a better gaming experience, reinforcing Nintendo's current neutral stance on the metaverse even further.

The console manufacturer has joined a growing list of entertainment companies that have ties to NFTs. Following its $69 billion acquisition of game studio Activision Blizzard, Microsoft confirmed that it intends to develop metaverse platforms for the Xbox gaming console. In addition, the NFT collection from popular Japanese video game developer Konami was recently launched.

The recent backlash against NFTs from mainstream gamers could also be a significant factor in Nintendo's decision to proceed cautiously with its foray into the metaverse. After releasing its NFT platform, dubbed Ubisoft Quartz, the French entertainment behemoth Ubisoft encountered fierce opposition from players.

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