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Is Nikita Dragun Gay? Learn About Her Early Life, Career and Net Worth Right Here!

Who is Nikita Dragun?

YouTube personality Nikita “Mama” Dragun came out as transgender to the public after she was born as a man on January 31, 1996, in Springfield, Virginia, USA. She posts vlogs, make-up and beauty instructions, and updates on her transition on her YouTube channel.

Is Nikita Dragun Gay?

Her mother saw in Dragun's films that ‘he' had a fascination with dolls and dress-up from an early age. When she started lining up with girls instead of guys and wearing clothes more commonly associated with women, speculation that she was lesbian increased.

But ‘he' never saw himself as gay until he happened upon a documentary about transsexual people. As ‘he' prepared to enroll in college, he became increasingly androgynous, but discussion of LGBT matters was frowned upon in her community. He/she increasingly felt like a woman confined to a man's body.

When she went to the men's room, she felt even more out of place. The decision to transition was made at that point, and the family's traditional values couldn't stop them from accepting and loving her.

She made movies documenting the entire process, from beginning to end, including the hormone replacement therapy sessions and the surgical alterations she underwent. One of her most contentious films showed her having staples removed from her skull.

What is the Net Worth of Nikita Dragun?

In what ways has Nikita Dragun accumulated his wealth? According to celebrity net worth, Nikita Dragun is a Belgian-American model, makeup artist, and social media personality who has a net worth of $3 million. Dragun also works in the cosmetics industry. Her channel on YouTube is the primary source of her fame.

Nikita Dragun gay

It's safe to say that she's a lot richer now than before thanks to her online fame and all the doors it's opened for her. It stands to reason that her fortune will keep growing in tandem with her success.

Nikita Dragun Early Life and Social Media Engagements

Nikita's parents are from two different cultures: her Vietnamese father and her Mexican mother. She has two sisters and a brother who were all a big part of her childhood. While ‘he' was in school, he discovered his passion for singing and received vocal training.

After graduating from high school, “he” spent four years studying fashion design and merchandising at FIDM in Los Angeles. ‘ He started out on the photo-sharing app Instagram before moving on to video sharing platform YouTube.

While biologically male, ‘he' began discussing her sexuality and intent to undergo a gender change in an outspoken manner. She also blogged and gave online tips on how to apply makeup and other cosmetics.

She felt it was crucial to share the story of her sexual orientation transformation with her fans when she came out publicly, and as a result, her videos quickly gained widespread attention.

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She claims that she was completely isolated from the transgender world until she began having exposure to it through her internet videos.

Nikita Dragun Controversies

Nikita has spent years altering her appearance to pass as a girl, and her proficiency with cosmetics has made the shift nearly complete. Her public existence has been fraught with debate, however, because of her gender and the fact that not everyone has agreed with the choices she has chosen.

Nikita Dragun gay

After starring in an ad campaign for Jeffree Star's beauty product in 2017, she faced significant controversy. Nikita was shown in the ad with significantly darker skin than she generally appears, and she was included alongside other LGBT models. Star faced considerable backlash after this and was widely accused of racism.

Many people have pointed out that Star might have done better by hiring an actual black model instead of just painting an Asian one to look black. Dragun defended herself by saying that her complexion gets black when she tans because she is half-Mexican.

She was really dismayed by the campaign's reception, especially given that they had hoped to extend their invitation to people of all gender expressions and expressions.

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Additionally, she has been called out for the males she is frequently shown to be in her social media pictures. Some internet users have speculated that the majority of the men she appears to be romantically linked with are actually hired help.

Nikita Dragun Private Life: Who is She Dating?

Nikita's ex-boyfriend is Oscar Utierre, the designer and founder of the fashion label UTIERRE, whose collections were showcased during the 2015 Denver Fashion Weekend.

In addition, her social media and YouTube videos reveal that she has had a number of boyfriends in her life, however, it is unclear how many of them are real. There have been recent videos and photographs she has posted featuring a man she claims to be dating.

She has not let up on her social media presence, maintaining an active presence on both Instagram and Twitter. She frequently promotes her most current videos and conducts sponsored postings.

She gained widespread attention again in late 2018 when she claimed that she and a transgender friend had been invited to a party hosted by a well-known rapper but were then treated rudely and asked to leave.

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After they left the party, the rapper invited them to his hotel room for sexual favors. In the video, which has over 350,000 views, she vents her anger and frustration.

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