Is Netflix’s Tin And Tina Based On A True Story?

Directed by Rubin Stein, ‘Tin & Tina' is the first feature film for the Spanish filmmaker and will be available on Netflix. Jaime Lorente (‘Money Heist,') and Milena Smit (‘The Girl in the Mirror,') star.

After the death of their twin pregnancies, Lola and Adolfo adopt two strange youngsters from a nearby convent in this psychological thriller. However, the children's religious fervor causes problems for the family.

Given the intensity of feeling evoked by the film's events, curiosity concerning their origins is understandable. Find out if the movie “Tin & Tina” is based on real events and why everyone is talking about it.

Is Tin & Tina Based on a True Story?

The story of Tin & Tina is not based on any actual events. The movie was inspired by a 2013 short film of the same name by Rubin Stein. Stein expanded the imaginary scenario from the short film into a screenplay for a full-length picture.

Both adaptations focus on a set of identical twins who are brought up in a fundamentalist Christian household. Director Rubin Stein discussed the inspiration for the film and his process in shaping the story in an interview.

According to Stein, the idea came from his own upbringing, including his interactions with the Catholic faith. Stein has admitted that he first studied the Bible and learned about its deep meaning when he was a little boy.

He discovered horrific verses in the Bible, which were accompanied by equally unsettling illustrations. As a kid, Stein was terrified by it. When he was older and reread the Bible, he realized that his fear had been rooted in his naiveté as a child.

Is Netflix’s Tin And Tina Based On A True Story?

Therefore, Stein wanted to merge the pure wonder of youth with the terrors of religion and the supernatural. In a separate interview, Stein explained that he had based the movie on his own fears of a despotic God, which he had developed as a result of his own misinterpretations of the Bible as a child.

According to Stein, the film's central issue is religion, and it delves into the question of whether or not God exists, as well as the mechanisms that spark and extinguish belief. The story's main characters, Lola and Adolfo, and secondary characters, the twins Tin and Tin, all have varying degrees of religious convictions, which serves to illustrate this point.

Stein also investigates the dangers of religious extremism brought on by a literal interpretation of the Bible. The same is reflected in the predicaments the characters find themselves in and the choices they make when faced with adversity.

Two adults experience a horrific ordeal at the hands of children; this is the central idea of the film. The plot is reminiscent of Narciso Ibáez Serrador's Who Can Kill a Child? from 1976.

Stein has said that this film, along with Eskil Vogt's The Innocents (2021) and Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala's Goodnight Mommy (2014), were key influences on her own film, Tin & Tina.

However, Stein said he intentionally grounded the film in mystery rather than fear. In the end, “Tin & Tina” isn't based on any actual events. This is a work of fiction that deals with religious themes.

Through the prism of childlike wonder, it also explores the complexities of religion and religious fanaticism. The tension between the thought-provoking concepts and the terror and mystery forces the audience to question the basis of their religion.

The narrative's emotional center is the interaction between the parents and their adopted children, and this theme is explored in depth.

Do the Creators Have an Opinion on Tin & Tina?

This is Rubin Stein's first full-length film as a director. Tin And Tina, directed by Olmo Figueredo Gonzalez-Quevedo, is a story about a mother's struggle to raise her two polar opposite children.

Tin and Tina isn't a sarcastic or snappy story; rather, it blends gloomy themes with social commentary. Tin and Tina is a two-hour film that was shot in just seven weeks in the beautiful surroundings of Seville, Gerena, and Santiponce.

Is Netflix’s Tin And Tina Based On A True Story?

The ambitious film Tin And Tina premiered in Spanish theaters by the end of March 2023. Since then, everyone involved—especially Stein—has been waiting patiently for Netflix to finally make the film available around the world.

As his first full-length film, Rubin has a special connection to Tin and Tina. He's really excited to remake that movie from 2013. Stein has not yet revealed his ideas for the sequel to this psychological horror film.

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