Is Monica Beets Still Married? Unraveling the Latest Updates on Monica Beets’ Marital Status

Yes, She is married, There is growing speculation among some individuals that Monica and her husband's relationship may have come to an end.

However, it appears that it is nothing more than a rumor. Her Husband has never been a regular feature on Monica's Instagram account, even though Monica has an account. It would appear that the couple has settled on maintaining the secrecy of their relationship.

So, Who Is Monica Beets?

Monica Beets is one of the most well-known reality TV stars, and she also has a net worth of one million dollars. Gold miner Tony Beets is her father, and she is his daughter.

Check out her INSTAGRAM for her daily life

Together with her father, Monica is a well-known Canadian miner who has appeared on the show ‘Gold Rush' on the Discovery Channel. She entered this world on November 7, 1993, and she is now 28 years old. Her birthday is November 7. She is still in her 20s, but she already has a prosperous career.

Does Anyone Know Who Monica Beets' Husband Is and Where They Met?

She ended up marrying Taylor Myles, whom she had met at work, and the two of them eventually tied the knot. A bigger Gold Rush star than anyone else is Monica. In addition, gold mining runs in Monica's and Taylor's families, so they both have that in common.

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Prior to beginning her relationship with Taylor, she was dating Brandon Harper, who also worked in the mining industry. However, their relationship came to an end. Monica and Taylor got married on August 11, 2018, in Dawson City, Canada.

Who is Monica Beets' daughter?

Monica's pregnancy announcement was incredibly understated. She told her brother she was pregnant on the August 14 episode of season 11 and then rode an excavator. Tony announced that they were having a girl and talked about a “granddaughter” on the way.

Monica Beets with her daughter and dog in tractor

Monica's statement that she was pregnant while still being smaller than both of them in Gold Rush: Winter's Fortune: Force of Nature revealed this. Tony cautioned us to “take it easy” with his granddaughter. Jasmine is Monica and Taylor's daughter. Monica uploaded baby girl photos to her Instagram account.

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Husband of Monica Beets, Where Are You?

Due to the fact that Monica and Taylor prefer to keep their love life private, not a lot of information about the couple has been made public. Monica has a dog named Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein.

In August of the year 2020, Monica captioned a photo of Doyle on Instagram by saying that she had been with him for 7.5 years and that he was pretty awesome. Despite the fact that Monica is under 30 years old, she has been employed in the mining industry for more than ten years because her father has a strong passion for the industry.

When she was 12 years old, her father put her in a front-end loader and told her that it was her responsibility to figure out what to do next. He left the decision entirely up to her. Monica was able to figure it out, and ever since then, she has been collaborating with her father.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Is Monica Beets still married?
A: Yes, Monica Beets is still married.

Q: Is there speculation about Monica and her husband's relationship?
A: Yes, there is growing speculation that Monica and her husband's relationship may have come to an end, but it's just a rumor.

Q: Who is Monica Beets?
A: Monica Beets is a well-known reality TV star and the daughter of gold miner Tony Beets. She has a net worth of one million dollars.

Q: Where can I find Monica Beets' daily life updates?
A: You can check out Monica's Instagram account for her daily life.

Q: Who is Monica Beets' husband and where did they meet?
A: Monica Beets is married to Taylor Myles, whom she met at work. They both come from families involved in gold mining.

Q: Does Monica Beets have a daughter?
A: Yes, Monica and Taylor have a daughter named Jasmine.

Q: Why is there limited information about Monica Beets' husband?
A: Monica and Taylor prefer to keep their love life private, which is why there is not much public information about him.

Q: How long has Monica been in the mining industry?
A: Despite being under 30 years old, Monica has been employed in the mining industry for more than ten years, starting when she was 12, thanks to her father's influence and passion for mining.

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