Is Modern Family Season 12 Cancelled or Not?

Modern Family is an American satirical comedy-drama and mockumentary family sitcom created for the American Broadcasting Company by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan. From September 23, 2009, to April 8, 2020, it aired for eleven seasons. It recounts the lives of three families in suburban Los Angeles, all of whom are connected by patriarch Jay Pritchett. The series was conceived by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan as they were discussing stories about their own “modern families.” Modern Family features an ensemble cast and is presented in a mockumentary format, with characters speaking directly to the camera in confessional interview portions.
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What The Series is All About?

Modern Family follows three different sorts of families (nuclear, blended, and same-sex) who are linked by Jay Pritchett and his children, Claire and Mitchell, who live in the Los Angeles area. Jay marries Gloria Delgado Pritchett (née Ramirez), a passionate Colombian immigrant with whom he has a small son, Fulgencio Joseph “Joe” Pritchett, and a son from Gloria's previous marriage, Manuel “Manny” Delgado. Dede, Jay's ex-wife, and Javier, Gloria's ex-husband, both appear on the show on occasion.
Claire, Jay's daughter, was a stay-at-home mom before returning to work. Pritchett's Closets and Blinds, her father's company, has promoted her to CEO. Phil Dunphy, a realtor and self-described “cool dad” who is also an amateur magician, is her husband. They have three children: Haley, a stereotypically sassy adolescent; Alex, a bright but nerdy middle kid; and Luke, the eccentric only child. Dylan, Haley's on-again, off-again lover, is a constant presence on the show.
Mitchell Tucker, Jay's lawyer son, and his husband Cameron Tucker have one Vietnamese-born adoptive daughter, Lily Tucker-Pritchett. They adopt another child, a baby boy named Rexford, in the series finale.
This family, as the name implies, symbolises a modern family, and episodes are based on scenarios that many families face in real life.
modern family season 12

Modern Family Season 12

Modern Family is a well-liked television show. Modern Family is a comedy-drama series with a romantic element. IMDb has given Modern Family an 8.4 out of 10 rating. Modern Family is a television show that covers the lives of three different but linked households. They deal with adversity and challenges in their own funny ways. Modern Family's theme music was composed by Gabriel Mann. The composers for the show Modern Family are Gabriel Mann and Daniel Licht. Modern Family has now aired 11 seasons, with a 12th season perhaps on the way.
The show premiered on September 23, 2009, and will run till April 8, 2020. The show was actually renewed for a second season in 2017. The Emmy-winning sitcom, however, has come to an end with the season 11 finale. There is no chance of a 12th season because all of the performers' contracts were only for ten seasons, and expanding the series much further beyond that would be more expensive; this rationale is also supported by the fact that the show's fan base is rapidly dwindling.

How Did Modern Family Season 11

Phil and Claire decide that one of their children should move out because the house is too crowded and Phil and Claire have been living in an RV, which they dislike. Mitch and Cam name their son Rexford, which is the name of the street where their house is located. Cam gets the employment offer he was looking for in Missouri. He notices Mitch's delight in his new home and baby, which makes telling him more difficult. Cam eventually informs him at their housewarming party in front of his family and friends.

When Mitch was put on the spot, he promised to back Cam and move. Just as Phil and Claire are preparing to break the news to the kids, they find out that Haley, Dylan, and the twins are moving into Mitch and Cam's former house, Alex's job has been transferred to Switzerland, and Luke has been admitted to the University of Oregon. Gloria notices Jay in frequent moments of self-isolation, which makes her concerned about his safety.

It's revealed that he's trying to learn Spanish in order to impress her and travel to Colombia with her and Joe this summer. The flight is continually delayed until 9 p.m., while the family gathers to say their goodbyes to Mitch, Cam, Lily, and Rexford.

Claire and Mitch steal their figure skating trophy, which Jay and DeDe had donated to the figure skating association because Claire and Mitch were fighting over who should keep it during this time. Cam hands Gloria his letter and encourages her to write down her sentiments on a card, which Gloria mistook for a message from Manny, who is departing to pursue a career in cinema.

By refilming the video they created when they were younger, Haley and Alex hope to bother Luke one final time. Haley and Alex wanted to show that they could care for a dog, so they used Luke as the dog to demonstrate what they would do to him.

Wrapping Up

The majority of the filming took place in Los Angeles. [45] The city's Westside is home to several of the exteriors. The Dunphys' home is located in the Cheviot Hills area. Palisades Charter High School has been used for the exteriors of Luke and Manny's school since 2014.