Is Max Caster Gay? The Alleged AEW Wrestler Dating Anthony Bowens!

It has been suggested that Max Caster is gay due to several allegations that have been made. Fans of the American professional wrestler are curious about the wrestler's sexual orientation because it has garnered their attention.

Is he homosexual in reality? Or do these rumors simply not contain any truth? In this article, you'll learn everything there is to know about the s*xual orientation that Max Caster holds!

Who Is Max Caster?

Michael Cifuentes is the real name of the professional wrestler known as Max Caster. He is best known for his time spent competing in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Caster was born on December 1, 1991, in New York City, New York, and he started his wrestling career on the independent circuit before becoming prominent in AEW. Caster's birthday is December 1, and he hails from New York.

Caster made his debut in AEW in the year 2020 alongside his partner Anthony Bowens as a member of the tag team known as The Acclaimed. Caster's debut match was a pinfall victory. The group's charismatic personalities and impressive performances in the ring helped them garner the attention of fans and commentators very quickly.

In particular, Max Caster stood out due to his singular combination of skilled wrestling and rap music performance.

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Is Max Caster Gay?

Is Max Caster Gay

No, Max Caster does not identify as a gay man. The fact that Max plays on the same team as Anthony Bowens, who revealed his sexual orientation in 2016, has led many people to the assumption that Max is gay.

The fact that Bowens is gay and they play on the same team contributes to the persistent rumors that the Acclaimed teammates are involved in a romantic relationship. In 2019, Bowens stated in an interview with Sports Illustrated that he supports the LGBTQ community and that it helped him become the man he is today.

Although they work well together, the two only have a professional relationship and have never been romantically involved with each other. As of March 2023, Max Caster has never acknowledged that he is gay, nor has he ever been in a relationship with a male.

He has never dated anyone else besides a woman before. Because of this, it is abundantly clear that he is not gay but rather straight.

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Is Something Between Max Caster And Anthony Bownes?

There is no romantic relationship between Max Caster and Anthony Bowens at this time. The well-known teammates have a well-deserved reputation for having a strong friendship with one another. Many people are under the impression that the two are dating now that Anthony has come out as gay. But any suggestion that Max and Anthony are dating is completely without foundation at all.

Anthony Bowens cautions Jeff Jarrett not to “take liberties” with Max Caster.

Anthony Bowens has cautioned Jeff Jarrett against taking liberties with Max Caster on this week's episode of AEW Dynamite because Caster infuriated Jarrett with The Acclaimed's music video from the previous week's episode of AEW Dynamite. According to the reports, Karen Jarrett objected to the line in the music video in which Caster said that Jarrett was “stealing money like it's Kurt Angle's wife.” Caster made the statement about Jarrett.

Is Max Caster Gay

According to Fightful, Jeff Jarrett took issue with the line on the most recent episode of his My World podcast. Jarrett said that Caster had some “receipts” headed his way during this week's AEW World Tag Team Championship match and that it would be smart to assume that he wasn't “working” in the match. Jarrett also noted that it would be smart to assume that he wasn't “working” in the match.


The answer is no, Max Caster does not consider himself to be a gay man. The fact that Max plays on the same team as Anthony Bowens, who came out as gay in 2016, has led many people to believe that Max is also gay. Anthony Bowens made his sexual orientation public in 2016.

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