Is Martin Short Married? Is His Wife Dead?

The rise of Martin Short's career wasn't always so meteoric. Not much was made of his early work. Eventually, it appeared as if he had run out of opportunities to show off his skills. By comparing himself negatively to his more prosperous friends, Short lowered his own motivation to succeed.

Additionally, he hated his chosen profession. Despite this, the actor was widely recognized for the great romance he shared with his stunningly gorgeous girlfriend and eventual wife, Nancy Dolman, whom he met in 1974.

Is Martin Short Married?

Short and Dolman met in 1972 while they were both in a Canadian production of Godspell. Before Nancy started dating the ex-SNL cast member, she saw the world on the road with the Canadian Rock Theatre. She performed in a touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar in the early 1970s. The show visited towns across the United States and Canada.

Is Martin Short Married

The Western Ontario University alumna fell madly in love with Martin at first sight. The year 1980 marks the year of the couple's wedding. Nancy's acting resume includes roles in Custard Pie & Landon Landon & Landon (1980) before she was featured on Soap. She made multiple appearances as Annie Selig Tate in the ABC sitcom between 1980 & 1981.

She went on to star in the movies It's a Living (1981) and Family in Blue (1982) after her recurring role on the show ended (1982). The Canadian actress and celebrity decided to take a hiatus from her Hollywood career in 1985 so that she could focus on her family.

And Nancy and I are still very much in love with one other. After being together for 36 years, he felt confident acting out the talks he and Nancy would be having now, regarding topics that happened after Nancy passed away.

How Many Children Did They Have?

When Martin and Nancy Dolman were married, they adopted three children. The couple's first child was a daughter they called Katherine, and she was born in 1983. As of 1986, Oliver has been around. Henry is the youngest of the couple's children, and he was born in 1989.

Nancy's extended family stayed by her side throughout her ordeal with ovarian cancer after she was diagnosed in 2007. She went away after just three years, devastating the Tony winner. Still, he counted his blessings for the wonderful family they had created and the thirty years of marriage they had had.

Is Martin Short Married

Martin told The Guardian in October 2012, “My wife Nancy and I were married for 36 years before she passed away two years ago, but I would have been divorced five times if I hadn't found the right person.”

I wouldn't have pretended things were different just to avoid a divorce. My kids have had a rough go of it the past two years. This is the reality that most of us try to ignore: that good and bad thing might come to us and our loved ones in this life. This comes as no great shock.

He proudly proclaims, “Our marriage was a triumph.” So it's difficult. Even though she passed away in 2010, I regularly consult with her spirit. He explains to the publication, “Hey Nan, you know?” I'm trying to imagine her reaction before making any major choices for our family of three. It's not right to say, “It's over; don't mention it; she's gone.”

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