Is Marcus Stoinis Gay? Untangling The Secrets Of His Sexual Orientation!

After a Valentine's Day post from his Big Bash League team the Melbourne Stars, Australian all-rounder Marcus Stoinis is making waves in the media. The Melbourne Stars wished their Twitter followers a happy Valentine's Day by tweeting some cheeky photos of Marcus Stoinis and Adam Zampa.

Zampa can be seen giving Stoinis a peck on the cheek in one photo, while the two can be seen gripping hips in the other. It is common knowledge that Zampa and Stoinis are close friends whose friendship extends far beyond the sport of cricket.

Stoinis is well-known for his beautiful looks and charming attitude. That Faf du Plessis and Stoinis have a “romantic alpha relationship” has been confirmed by the latter's own words. Even du Plessis acknowledged that the proximity between Stoinis and Zampa is excessive.

Who is Marcus Stoinis?

Australian national team cricketer Marcus Peter Stoinis has a penchant for the shortest forms of the game. He now has contracts with the Western Australia and Melbourne Stars teams in Australia and has previously played for the Perth Scorchers and Victoria Hurricanes. Stoinis was an integral part of the 2021 Australian T20 World Cup winning side.

Is Marcus Stoinis Gay?

Actually, Marcus Stoinis is not gay. The rumors that he's dating Adam Zampa are completely false. When cricket fans saw a photo of Zampa kissing Stoinis, they naturally assumed the two were gay.

Is Marcus Stoinis Gay

However, neither person has made any long-term commitments to the relationshipIt's true that Zampa and Harriet Palmer are husband and wife. On the other side, Marcus Stoinis is seeing an Australian fashion model and YouTube star.

Stoinis has never dated a man before; all of his past relationships have been with women. Therefore, it's safe to say that he is not gay, but rather straight.

Is Marcus Stoinis Married?

Currently, the Australian all-rounder is unmarried, but he is dating the model Sarah Czarnuch, whose design company is named SarahCzarnuch x Elliott. In 2013, she won and proudly held the title of Miss Tourism Metropolitan International.

Who is Marcus Stoinis Currently Dating?

For some years, Marcus Stoinis has been seeing Sarah Czarnuch. Sarah isn't the only one with a beauty blog. She has over 125k Instagram followers and is quite popular in Australia.

Is Marcus Stoinis Gay

They've been together for quite some time now, years even. According to tabloid reports, Stephanie Muller and Stoinis were engaged and living together prior to their breakup last year.

That's when he first met Sarah, who would later become his girlfriend. The couple frequently posts photos of themselves on Instagram, where they have a large and devoted following.


Marcus Stoinis and Adam Zampa are close friends whose friendship extends beyond cricket. Stoinis is known for his beautiful looks and charming attitude, and Faf du Plessis has confirmed that the proximity between them is excessive.

Stoinis is not gay, and the rumors that he's dating Zampa are false. Marcus Stoinis and Harriet Palmer are husband and wife, while Stoinis is seeing an Australian fashion model and YouTube star, Sarah Czarnuch.

They have been together for years and have a large and devoted following on Instagram, where they post photos of themselves.

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