Is Leslie Jones Gay? Inside the Ongoing Speculation on Her Sexual Orientation!

In the realm of celebrity culture, public figures often find themselves under the scrutinizing gaze of the media and the public. Leslie Jones, the talented comedian, actress, and former “Saturday Night Live” cast member, is no stranger to this spotlight. While the public's interest in the personal lives of celebrities is nothing new, the question of Leslie Jones's sexual orientation has become a topic of speculation and curiosity.

In this article, we explore the ongoing discourse surrounding Leslie Jones and her privacy in the face of public curiosity.

Is Leslie Jones Gay?

No, Leslie Jones is not gay. The persistence of allegations about her sexual orientation can be related to her close friendship with her gay partner, Kate McKinnon. Kate McKinnon was the first openly gay comic to appear on Saturday Night Live. She's declared her sexual orientation.

Is Leslie Jones Gay

Kate and Leslie are overly close. They usually adopt a romantic relationship-like pose in pictures. Her majority of followers assumed she was in a relationship with Kate McKinnon. So far, no celebrity has confirmed this. Furthermore, the Just for Laughs comedian maintains an unchanging sexual interest in men. It follows that she is not homosexual.

Despite several reports, the comedian and television personality has never been seen with a lady before. Her explanation of the attributes she seeks in a possible date has alleviated any concerns about her sexual orientation.

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Little is known about her previous relationships; however, reports say she had a romantic involvement with American comedian and actor Kyle Mooney.

Is Leslie Jones Married?

No, Leslie Jones is not married. She does not appear to have a public relationship with anyone. However, in her most recent memoir, she expressed her feelings for Steve Kornacki.

In 2017, her presence on Conan sparked some doubt. In response to the talk show host's criticism of Jones for a tweet she posted while drinking, Jones wrote, “I'm inebriated, and I want to have sex right now!!.”Damn it!” Jones revealed that she had a “slight” romantic relationship. She disclosed:

“It's a secret, and I don't want everyone harassing him, you understand? “I don't want to sit on television and say, ‘Oh, the type of man I'm looking for…' and then talk to him and he'll be like, ‘Yeah, I heard you was looking for this type of dude.'” “Don't get me in trouble.”

However, the Supermarket Sweep host later admitted that she was merely joking. That occurred exactly one month later. To ensure that everyone is cognizant.

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She tweeted that “a secret boyfriend never existed.” I'm extremely unlucky with males. The truth. They despise me, hehe! In the same year, Saturday Night Live fans were certain Jones was dating Kyle Mooney.

The notion was inspired by a filmed prototype of the performance, in which the actors were shown falling in love. Several people insisted that it was genuine, although the entire affair was a fake.


In the ongoing speculation surrounding Leslie Jones's sexual orientation, it is important to approach the topic with respect for her right to privacy. The comedian's decision to keep certain aspects of her personal life out of the public eye should serve as a reminder of the importance of recognizing boundaries, even when it comes to public figures. As society continues to evolve, understanding and respecting the fluidity of identity and the right to privacy contribute to a more inclusive and empathetic cultural landscape.

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