Is Land of Bad Based on a True Story?

The upcoming action movie Land of Bad has a star-studded cast, including Russell Crowe, and there are some fascinating revelations about the picture. Land of Bad, the next film by genre auteur director William Eubank, portrays an elite extraction squad that must travel beyond enemy lines to rescue top-secret equipment and captives.

Land of Bad promises to be a thrilling action spectacle, with strong performances from Liam Hemsworth and Milo Ventimiglia in addition to Crowe himself. Though the film employs cutting-edge military technology, Land of Bad is reminiscent of classic action flicks from the genre's heyday in the 1980s.

William Eubank, a filmmaker and cinematographer, is no stranger to genre films, having directed sci-fi films such as Love (2011) and The Signal (2014), as well as horror films such as Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin (2021).

While Land of Bad marks the director's first step into pure action, his sharp eye as a cinematographer makes him particularly qualified to direct the film.

Though Crowe's lack of main roles has endured through a string of underwhelming films, the New Zealander's inherent charisma and star power are enough to lift any movie he takes on. But he isn't the only interesting part of Land of Bad.

Is Land of Bad Based on a True Story?

No, “Land of Bad” isn't based on true events. A rookie officer and an Air Force drone pilot are two of the key characters in this fictional novel, which follows a tiny Delta Force unit on a rescue mission in hostile territory.

Although the film draws inspiration from real-world military operations and technology, the characters and actions depicted are not based on real people or events.

Is Land of Bad Based on a True Story?

According to filmmaker William Eubank, “Land of Bad” occurred to him while filming “The Signal,” another film. At the time, he and co-writer David Frigerio aimed to create a film that was both generally appealing and achievable.

Their interest in a military thriller focusing on drone warfare and the interplay between drone operators and ground people motivated them to write “Land of Bad.”

In interviews, filmmaker William Eubank indicated that he was inspired to make the film by action films from the 1990s as well as the idea of exploring the relationship between drone operators and pilots in flight.

Even though the film aims for truth in its portrayal of military methods and weapons, the plot is ultimately fabricated.

According to Eubank, when the film was first being scripted, the psychological detachment that drone pilots may experience was the primary focus.

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Throughout their research, they met actual drone pilots and JTAC instructors and determined that their account of events was incorrect. They decided to change the script so that it focused less on the psychological impacts of drone warfare and more on the relationships between the characters.

Eubank also discussed the film's research process, which included visiting Fort Irwin and interacting with JTAC pilots and instructors. Because of this hands-on research approach, the filmmakers were better able to understand the obstacles and day-to-day struggles that military forces experience when conducting drone missions.

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