Is John Mayer Gay? Get The Details of His Sexuality Here!

John Mayer has long had a reputation for being flashy. He goes to great lengths to shock his audiences by donning garish outfits and hairdos. Just because someone is a jerk doesn’t mean they’re not smart.

John Mayer entered this world in 1975, in the Big Apple. Both his father (a trumpet player in a jazz band) and mother (a singer) contributed to his musical upbringing. He was raised on the likes of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Bob Dylan, among others.

He picked up the guitar and began creating songs while still in high school. After finishing university, he relocated to Los Angeles and got a job at Starbucks. In 2003, Mayer released Room For Squares, his first studio album.

He has since skyrocketed to the top of the mainstream music industry. He has received multiple honors and had over 30 million album sales globally. He gained notoriety for making outlandish claims, such as declaring he preferred death over marriage.

Is John Mayer Gay?

One of the most well-known musicians alive today is John Mayer. The songs “Your Body Is a Wonderland,” “Your Body is a Wonderland,” “Gravity,” “Waiting on the World to Change,” etc., made him famous.

He is not gay, according to mddailyrecord. However, he may have been dating Katy Perry, according to speculations. So, we need you to investigate whether or not John Mayer is gay.

Mayer stated, “I don't think I'm gay,” during an interview with Rolling Stone. However, I'm not gay either. He seemed to have just admitted to being bisexual, thus his words generated quite a commotion.

Is John Mayer Gay?

This, however, is not the case. What he meant was that he has feelings for both sexes. Subsequently, he emphasized, “I have never felt more comfortable with myself than when I was in my 20s.”

When I was younger, I loved to go out and have a good time with the ladies. And now I feel like I've discovered yet another source of joy in my life. It's a little challenging to articulate. I can't spill the beans just yet.”

Furthermore, he told Vibe Magazine that he is against categorizing people. He insists, “I refuse to be pigeonholed.” If you're going to try to put yourself in a box, at least make sure it's the right size!

When someone tells me they don't eat meat, I always want to know why. If someone claims to be Christian, I'll question them to explain how they can justify their meat consumption in light of their beliefs.

What Started the Rumors About His Sexuality?

Singer John Mayer sparked gay suspicions after sharing a photo of himself with American radio and TV talk show host Andy Cohen. Fans assumed they were an item because Cohen is out and proudly gay.

However, Mayer quickly shot off the rumor. According to an interview he gave on Watch What Happens Live, the artist insisted that his relationship with Cohen was strictly platonic. Mayer reiterated in yet another interview with CNN that the two were not dating.

Is John Mayer Gay?

Despite this, he acknowledged that he sees where the speculation is coming from given his tight relationship with the show's host. However, Andy Cohen finds it amusing to sometimes just play along with the relationship rumors that surround him and his friend.

Interview question: “What are you looking for in a partner?” is a prime example of a trap. Quick on the draw, the TV star responded: After explaining that he was joking, Cohen praised Mayer for having the qualities of a good friend. And if he meets someone else like Mayer, he wouldn't mind having two best friends.

A Look at His Long List of Past Relationships

The singer made an effort to keep his personal life under wraps, but that was difficult given the nature of his profession. Nothing seems safe from the watchful eye of the media.
So, according to what we can gather, here is John Mayer's dating history:

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt (2002)
  • Jessica Simpson (2006–2007)
  • Minka Kelly (2007)
  • Jennifer Aniston (2008–2009)
  • Taylor Swift (2009–2010)
  • Katy Perry (2012–2014)
  • Kiernan Shipka (2020)

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