Is Jessica Lowndes Married? Was She Engaged Before?

Jessica Lowndes, a Canadian actress & singer, is famous for her roles in several Hallmark Channel movies. Jessica has been an actress for 17 years, but her breakout role as Adrianna Tate-Duncan on 90210 is what made her a household name.

Throughout her film and TV career, Jessica has dated several of her co-stars. Although she has been in numerous relationships, does the actress presently have a significant other? Is Jessica Lowndes Married? Let us assist you in determining it.

Is Jessica Lowndes Married?

No, Jessica Lowndes hasn't tied the knot. She has been in so many romances that her love life has become increasingly fascinating to the general public.

The actress hasn't found Mr. Right yet, but she's making the most of her single life while she works on her career. She does not keep her personal life hidden from the public and will make no secret of her next romance.


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Was Jessica Lowndes Engaged Before?

Jessica Lowndes, who has recently become more well-known and developed a sizable fan base, is fond of putting her ideas front and center in her audience's minds. The announcement of her engagement to Jonathan Michael Lovitz, a former cast member of Saturday Night Live in the '90s and a well-known actor and comedian, made headlines.

The actor has maintained a low profile despite his high profile. But his love life started making news in April 2016 as Jessica posted numerous photos of herself wearing a diamond ring. The actress posted a photo to Instagram with the comment, “His hands are smart and tell a thousand stories,” which included the man's hand resting on her leg.

There's a new man in the actress's life, she revealed in a photo. This piqued the interest of many others, who then began investigating to learn more about the man in question. Secret outed when actor Jonathan Michael Lovitz posted a photo of the actress to Twitter with the message “Easter with my rabbit” and three heart emojis.

As Jessica shared photos and a video of the two of them in bed, many people fell into the trap of jokes about the celebrity couple. Later, in an interview, she explained the circumstances of their meeting and her decision to keep him near.

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It turned out that the engagement announcement was just another joke that Jessica Lowndes likes to perform on her admirers. The two of them never got engaged or even dated. The stories were fabricated to publicize the new music video for Jessica Lowndes' song “Deja Vu (Remix),” in which the actor played the role of a sugar daddy.

Jessica Lowndes's Past Relationships

In the past, Jessica Lowndes has been romantically associated with a number of well-established celebrities. Find out everything you need to know about her romantic history right here:-

Adam Gregory

Is Jessica Lowndes Married

Adam Gregory, an actor, and singer-songwriter was born in Edmonton, Canada on July 12, 1985. The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS is where the actor first gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of the character Thomas Forrester. The actor and 90210 co-stars Jessica Lowndes became friends while working together on the film. They started dating in 2018, but for some reason ended it in 2019.

Aaron Paul

Is Jessica Lowndes Married

Aaron Paul was born on August 27, 1979, in Emmett, Idaho, and is an American actor and producer. The actor won an Emmy for his role as Jesse Pinkman in the hit AMC series Breaking Bad. There are no known specifics regarding how the exes met, but they began dating in the spring of 2009, shortly after the actor bragged about how much he enjoyed being romantically involved with his girlfriend. The couple, however, split up in April 2010 for mysterious reasons.

Danny Cipriani

Is Jessica Lowndes Married

English professional rugby union player Danny Cipriani was born on November 2, 1987, in Roehampton, London, United Kingdom. The half-fly and fullback positions are played by the rugby union player. He has been a member of the England national team and played professionally for the Wasps, Melbourne Rebels, and Sale Sharks. He hooked up with Jessica Lowndes the day after meeting her at Richard Branson's pre-Wimbledon party. They started dating in 2011, and after some time together, they split up in 2014.

Bloom Jeremy

Is Jessica Lowndes Married

Jeremy Bloom was born on April 2, 1982, in Loveland, Colorado, and is a former American skier and football player. Both the Wish of a Lifetime Foundation and the tech film integration was founded by him. They started dating in 2012, but by 2013 they had grown distant and realized there was no future for them together, so they broke up. While Jessica now calls California home, the Blooms remain in New York.

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Tyler Stanaland

Former surfer and current real estate agent Tyler Stanaland was born in Laguna Beach, California, on July 19, 1989. It was believed that he started dating the actress in 2015, but their time together did not last long.

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