Is Jess From “Love is Blind” Dating Harry Jowsey? Inside Her Dating Rumors!

Reality TV often captures the hearts and attention of viewers, leading to intense speculation and interest in the personal lives of its participants. One such instance involves the dating rumors surrounding Jess Batten, a familiar face from “Love Is Blind,” and Harry Jowsey.

In this article, we delve into the rumors swirling around their relationship and attempt to unravel the truth behind the headlines.

Are Jessica and Harry Jowsey dating?

The rumor that Jess from “Love is Blind” is dating Harry Jowsey originated on TikTok in a hugely trending video. In the video, Harry looks to be enjoying a romantic day at the beach with a dark-haired, skinny woman who resembles Jessica Vestal.

However, the footage is unclear because it was filmed from a distance. The TikToker believes that Harry Jowsey, who has previously been known to be an opportunist with Reality TV, intentionally leaked this footage. Being an influencer is a profession, after all.

Is Jess From "Love is Blind" Dating Harry Jowsey

The TikToker also says that this leak is a major spoiler, stating that Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal will star in Perfect Match Season 2, a series in which reality stars from previous Netflix shows team up to pursue romance in a very manipulative gaming atmosphere.

As TikToker reports, may we already know the winning couple from Season 2, which has already concluded filming and will air later this year? Could this be Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey?

Jess and Jimmy's Journey in Love Is Blind Season 6

The love triangle between Jess, Jimmy, and Chelsea is the main storyline of Love Is Blind Season 6. When Chelsea stated she resembled Megan Fox, Jimmy's head flipped, and he chose Chelsea over Jess, prompting a lot of discussion online.

Jess was heartbroken, and viewers of the show have questioned Jimmy and Chelsea's decisions throughout. However, if the leak between Jess and Harry is accurate, supporters are sure to respond to the entire situation.

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Moving from one dating reality TV program to another is a questionable career choice. As Love Is Blind continues through each season, it becomes infiltrated by aspiring influencers looking for their big break.

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