Is Jenni Rivera Alive: Why Do Her Fans Think She is Still Alive?

Dolores Janney “Jenni” Rivera Saavedra (July 2, 1969–December 9, 2012) was an American singer who was known for her work in Regional Mexican music, especially in the styles of Banda, Mariachi, and Norte.

Is Jenni Rivera Alive

CNN, Billboard, Fox News, and The New York Times, among others, have called her the most important and best-selling woman in Regional Mexican music, both during her life and after she died. Billboard magazine called her the “top Latin artist of 2013” and the “best-selling Latin artist of 2013.”

Jenni Rivera: Early Life

Rivera was born on July 2, 1969, in Long Beach, California. His parents, both from Mexico, were Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Rivera. Rivera, her sister, her four brothers, and one sister grew up in a musical family with close ties. Her brother Lupillo is also a regional Mexican musician.

Jenni Rivera: Career

Rivera got her start in music when she recorded a song for her father on Father's Day in 1992. She made more recordings and was signed to Capitol/Latin EMI's division.

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“Somos Rivera,” which means “We Are Rivera,” was her first album. It came out in 1992. When she first started out in music, many people told her she wouldn't make it.

Jenni Rivera: Personal Life

Rivera got married three times and had five kids from those marriages. She had her first child, Janney, who was born in 1985 and is better known as Chiquis, while she was still in high school. She later married the baby's father, José Trinidad Marn.

Is Jenni Rivera Alive

They had two more children, Jacqueline (1989) and Michael (1991), but she left the marriage in 1992 because of physical and emotional abuse.

How Did Jenni Rivera Die?

According to Wikipedia, Rivera died early on December 9, 2012, when his plane crashed near Monterrey, Mexico. The night before her show at Monterrey Arena, she came to town.

Rivera was laid to rest on December 31, 2012, at the All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach, California. Her father told Telemundo that there were legal reasons for the delay. Her death was talked about around the world for weeks. We still don't know what caused the accident.

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Why Do Her Fans Think She is Still Alive?

People thought Jenni Rivera was still alive because it was so hard to believe that she had died. But if she were still alive, she would not have left her kids behind. But some people think she's back because Jenni Rivera's Instagram has been updated recently.


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A post shared by Jenni Rivera (@jennirivera)

Yes, Jenni Rivera has three posts on her Instagram account right now. And the comment box is full of people who are shocked and curious about whether or not she is still alive.

Video of Jenni Rivera Causes Controversy

Users say in the TikTok video that Jenni was at a restaurant with his brother Lupillo Rivera and his oldest daughter Chiquis. You can hear the artists' voices in the clip.

It is said that the recording captures the voice of “The big lady,” the laughter of “El Toro del Corrido,” and his eldest daughter's reflection on a cell phone screen. The short video spread quickly on social networks, where he got a lot of different responses.

People on the Internet have different ideas about the clip because they can't see anyone's face. For some, this means that they have to make assumptions and draw their own conclusions.

It's important to note that this isn't the first time that rumors on social media say that the singer lives on They. Just a few months ago, a message posted from the artist's official account caused a lot of trouble.