Is It Okay to Smoke Weed Before and After Plastic Surgery?

Can you smoke weed after surgery? If you undergo a reconstructive procedure, you can use marijuana afterward, subject to considerations. Cultivating the fastest growing weed seeds might produce buds for use during your recovery.

There’s a caveat, though. If you consume cannabis or plan to do so prior to an operation, medical professionals don’t recommend it. Find out why and discover what you should do pending any surgical procedures.

Why You Shouldn’t Smoke Weed Before Surgery

Plastic surgery used to be something only celebrities did, but it’s more common nowadays. Kylie Jenner admitted to getting lip fillers in a 2017 episode of her Life With Kylie reality show.

Although certain procedures have lower health risks, precautions are necessary. It’s vital to inform your physician that you’re smoking marijuana before surgery, even if you think it’s private or irrelevant. The medical profession isn’t there to judge you but to ensure your safety.

While cannabis has medicinal properties, the herb affects your body in many ways and even impacts your response to anesthesia. According to the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), marijuana use is one of eight factors to disclose during a pre-surgery evaluation.

Since cannabis is still a federally banned substance, researchers require US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) approval to conduct trials. As such, there isn’t sufficient evidence on whether the herb affects surgical procedures or anesthesia.

The ASA actively encourages the US government to expand weed studies to gain more scientific knowledge.

Can you smoke marijuana before surgery? Yes, but not immediately prior to the procedure. It’s critical to inform your physician that you’re consuming the herb because cannabis and anesthesia medicines affect the central nervous system.

There’s a high risk of complications, primarily if you use pot within two hours of anesthesia. The herb raises your heart rate and reduces blood pressure.

The effects are more severe if you have coronary disease. The symptoms can cause a lack of blood supply to your heart muscles, leading to a cardiac attack.

How long before surgery should you stop smoking weed? Most people cut their intake one to two hours prior. As every individual responds to stimuli differently, it’s advisable to consult the doctor performing the procedure.

Anesthesiologists suggest not consuming marijuana on the day of the operation, so don’t use it to relax, even if you’re anxious. Ensure that you also refrain from edible cannabis, as the ASA’s guidelines discourage the intake of solid foods for 6–8 hours before anesthesia.

This advice serves to reduce the risk of inhaling food into your lungs. If this happens, it can lead to aspiration pneumonia, potentially causing death in some individuals.

There’s another critical reason to disclose your pot use to your doctor. The type of anesthesia medicine and amount differ if you’re using cannabis. For example, a marijuana consumer needs more than three times the propofol dose for endoscopies compared to non-users.

Besides advising you when to stop smoking weed before surgery, your specialist needs to understand your marijuana habit to administer the proper drug and dose. These details include:

  • Your consumption method (smoking/edibles/oils)
  • How often you consume cannabis
  • How much you use during each session

Without knowing you consume cannabis, the anesthesiologist might give you a lower-than-necessary dose to keep you asleep throughout the procedure.

Before we discuss smoking marijuana after surgery, there are other side effects you should consider. Inhaling weed smoke can cause respiratory infections and lung issues, such as increased phlegm, wheezing, and coughing.

These symptoms can lead to sensitivity of the airway and breathing difficulties when the anesthetist inserts and extracts the anesthetic tube. You may experience an episode similar to an asthma attack as you get less oxygen into your lungs.

There’s also an increased risk of complications with higher dosages, including lowered blood pressure. You may also regain consciousness slower from the anesthesia.

Next, let’s find out if you can smoke weed after surgery.

Should You Smoke Weed After Surgery?

Is it okay to smoke weed after surgery? Research findings indicate marijuana may help those with chronic and nerve pain. According to Dr. Ian Holmen, a University of Colorado Hospital anesthesiology resident, the benefits don’t apply to acute pain from an operation.

Dr. Holman said that using cannabis before a surgical procedure can lead to worse pain during recovery. Studies show regular pot users require higher opioid levels due to postoperative aches.

Can you smoke weed after surgery? Limited research shows marijuana may relieve postoperative pain due to its analgesic properties. The potential downsides include an increased heart rate, nausea, and coughing.

Before undergoing plastic surgery like rapper Lil' Kim did to fix her broken nose, be sure to disclose your cannabis use to your doctor. Also, cut back on your consumption and stop before the operation for a smooth procedure and recovery.