Is Instant Family Based on a True Story?

Sean Anders' touching and amusing film “Instant Family” explores the difficulties and rewards of adoption in a heartwarming and sincere way. Released in 2018, the movie follows the experiences of a couple, Pete and Ellie Wagner, as they navigate the challenges and rewards of fostering and adopting three siblings.

Many viewers have wondered whether “Instant Family” is based on a true story. In this article, we'll delve into the inspiration behind the film and the real-life events that influenced its creation.

Is Instant Family Based on a True Story?

Yes, Instant Family is partially based on the director Sean Anders' genuine experiences and how he went through the adoption process. According to accounts, Sean and his wife Beth intended to foster only one child, but fate intervened, and they ended up adopting three siblings.

The film's fundamental message is that parenting is difficult, even if your child is not adopted. Instant Family is not a precise reproduction of Sean Anders' life; instead, it takes some artistic license to depict the story in an uplifting and hilarious manner.

Is Instant Family Based on a True Story

The plot includes a few parts from the director's personal experiences, which deepen it and make it significantly more realistic.

Furthermore, the video deviates from the norm of just adopting young children and shows the distinct challenges and benefits that come with being a parent when adopting older children.

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Since Sean and his wife are fictionalized versions of themselves, their real-life experiences have a big impact on the characters in the movie. According to him, he was terrified and confused following the adoption, but he overcame it and accepted his reality after a while.

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