Is Hozier Married? Inside the Love Life of ‘Take Me to Church’ Singer!

In the world of celebrity romance and personal life secrets, one question that seems to linger in the minds of fans and observers alike is whether or not Hozier is married.

The Irish singer-songwriter, known for his deep voice and evocative lyrics, has long been a source of fascination, not just for his musical abilities, but also for his unusually private existence. With rumors circulating and curiosity at an all-time high, let's look at the facts and hearsay about Hozier's marital status and sexual relationships. We'll distinguish between myth and truth in this acclaimed artist's intriguing realm.

A decade after his first breakthrough single, “Take Me to Church,” Irish musician Hozier has kept the majority of his personal life private. Even so, we can't help but speculate about his current dating status.

Is Hozier married?

In May 2022, a funny misunderstanding over a photo released by musician Lyra McNamara sparked speculation that Hozier had married her. She posted a black-and-white photo on Instagram with Hozier, leading many to believe they were married.

Is Hozier Married

The shot, taken at a wedding where both were attendees, prompted a flood of congratulations from followers. Lyra stated on Instagram, “For the record, Hozier did not take me to church, and we did not get married,” refuting suspicions.

Hozier has repeatedly stated his dedication to privacy, particularly in his personal life. In a 2023 interview with The Telegraph, he expressed the importance he places on living a normal life away from the spotlight. He stated, “It would be a shame if I couldn't simply sit at a bar with friends. So, yes, I keep my head down.

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While Hozier's work frequently explores themes of love and relationships, the musician remains unmarried and keeps specifics about his personal life secret. His profound comments on marriage and advocacy for equality reveal a larger knowledge of love that goes beyond his own experiences.

Is Hozier dating Saoirse Ronan?

Despite his refusal to comment, Hozier (full name Andrew Hozier-Byrne) has been the subject of numerous speculations in recent years. Most famously, he was linked to actress Saoirse Ronan after the two worked together on a music video for a domestic abuse campaign. Hozier, as usual, declined to comment on the rumors.

Is Hozier Married

In May 2017, a Hozier insider told Goss. i.e., that the suggestion was completely unfounded. “Saoirse and Hozier are great pals, but they're not a couple… I believe people wanted it to be true, but they are not dating,” the person stated.

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Ronan never confirmed anything either. However, she did not refute anything. In a December 2017 interview with the Irish Daily Mail, she joked, “That's for me to know!” (via PressReader).

We'll probably never know if the two were seeing each other at any point. Plus, if there was anything between them, it happened in the past.

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