Is Graham Parkhurst Gay? Uncover His Sexuality’s Facts

Is Graham Parkhurst Gay? If you're looking for a new Netflix show that will make you laugh and make you question your romantic prospects, look no further than Glamorous, a gay office comedy-drama. Graham Parkhurst is a highlight of the new show, which has many positive aspects. On the show Glamorous, Parkhurst plays the role of Parker. Parker is the “finance bro” boyfriend of Miss Benny.

Their tumultuous bond compels them to confront some unflattering realities about themselves and one another. You might be curious about Graham Parkhurst after watching Glamorous on TV. We are disclosing the star's s*xual orientation and other private information to the general public.

Who Is Graham Parkhurst?

Graham Parkhurst is a member of the Canadian acting community. He plays the role of Parker in the Netflix series Glamorous. Miss Benny portrays the role of Marco Mejia, the main character, and Parker is Miss Benny's on-screen boyfriend. Parker is both a “finance bro” and a jock in the same package. The show is a queer take on the office comedy genre.

It tells the story of Marco, a transgender high school graduate who is offered the internship of a lifetime at a cosmetics company whose products he has previously criticized YouTube. Graham Parkhurst has stated that playing a gay character on a show that is celebratory of the LGBTQ+ community was a unique and meaningful experience for him.

Is Graham Parkhurst Gay?

Yes, Graham Parkhurst is a man who is open about the fact that he is gay. Therefore, if you believe that Graham's role makes you question whether or not he is gay in real life, you are correct in thinking that. Parkhurst disclosed his s*xual orientation as gay during a conversation with Yahoo! UK.

is Graham Parkhurst gay

“Getting the chance to play an openly gay character in a show of this magnitude is something I never thought would be possible in my career as a Canadian actor”.

He described it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to portray a gay character on a show that was so welcoming to members of the LGBTQ+ community:

Who Is Graham Parkhurst Dating?

According to a number of websites on the internet, Graham Parkhurst is not challenging anyone in public at the moment. Graham Parkhurst is a rising star who wowed people with his performance in the popular Netflix drama series “Glamorous,” but his fans still do not know if he is single or in a relationship. “Glamorous” is available to stream on Netflix.

Graham has not revealed whether or not he is in a relationship, despite the recent success he has experienced. Even after looking through all of his social media accounts, there are no hints or indications as to who he is dating or who he is dating.

is Graham Parkhurst gay

At the moment, it's likely that he's prioritizing his work, but it's also possible that he's involved in a covert romance. Only time will show us the truth as we eagerly wait for Graham to talk openly about this period of his life with his devoted audience.

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This year, a great number of famous people have found themselves in the glare of the media spotlight thanks to their competitors. There are a lot of famous people here, including Benji Krol, Martin Short, and a lot of others. However, we have already addressed all of the concerns and questions raised by our fans through our posts. We hope this clarifies whether or not the question you had about Graham Parkhurst's s*xual orientation was answered.

“Glamorous,” a Netflix original, combines relationship drama with an “Office”-style format

In the new Netflix show “Glamorous,” the wealthy cosmetics artist Marco Mejia (Miss Benny) tells his fans, “Lock in, Bitches.”

After being told by his mother Julia (Diana-Maria Riva) that he needs to get a “real job” and stop selling cosmetics at the mall, 22-year-old Marco shocks everyone—including himself—by taking a position as the second assistant to Madolyn Addison (Kim Cattrall), the chief of Glamorous by Madolyn beauty care products.

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Since Marco understands the makeup industry and his target demographic, Madolyn admires his confidence. If Vendemiaire doesn't buy products from Glamorous by Madolyn, the company could collapse. Chad (Zane Phillips), Madolyn's “gay but not gay” son, who doesn't understand why his mother would make Marco her priority, also crosses paths with Marco.

It's obvious that Marco has his own issues. His budding friendship with Parker, the handsome finance brother (Graham Parkhurst), runs into trouble when Marco learns Parker may not be looking for “anything serious.”


“Glamorous” is a gay office comedy-drama that is broadcast on Netflix. Graham Parkhurst, an actress from Canada, plays the role of Parker. A cosmetics company offers Parkhurst, a transgender high school graduate, the opportunity to complete an internship there. Despite his recent success, Parkhurst has not disclosed any information about his sexual orientation or his personal life.

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