Is Eddie Murphy Gay? Here are all the Details related to Eddie’s Sexual Orientation!

Eddie Murphy, an actor, and comedian, has been plagued with scandals at various points in his career. The superstar has been entertaining people for decades, but at the expense of some communities, thanks to his creation of controversial comic content and his notorious dating history.

Many of his controversies have involved gay people. Eddie Murphy's early career content, which had many references to “faggots” and spawned several Eddie Murphy memes and gifs, tops the list.

Years have passed, and Murphy now lives in a society where the homophobic humor he once wrote about is no longer humorous. The star's controversy with the LGBTQ community is inescapable when discussing his background or career.

Because of all the gay and lesbian references, some have even begun to wonder if Eddie Murphy is homophobic. Let's look into his history of conflicts with the LGBT community to learn more.

Who is Eddie Murphy?

Edward Regan Murphy is a well-known American entertainer who has dabbled in many different industries. His appearances on Saturday Night Live between 1980 and 1984 propelled him to fame.

Is Eddie Murphy Gay

Murphy has also been a successful stand-up comedian; in fact, Comedy Central ranks him as the tenth best of all time. In addition to a Grammy and an Emmy, Murphy has also been honored with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor and the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Is Eddie Murphy Gay?

It's safe to assume Eddie Murphy is not gay, given his history with a number of famous female partners. But because of his many controversies involving LGBT people, many people see him with hostility.

However, the comedian and actor has toned down those claims. He defends his homophobic jokes and offensive comments about AIDS by saying he was less educated and uneducated back then.

Murphy has made headlines recently because of those old remarks, despite his attempts to explain them away. In addition to his homophobic writings, the celebrity also got himself involved with a transsexual sex worker.

This naturally prompts inquiries about his sexual orientation and his views on homosexual individuals in today's more progressive society.

Who is Eddie Murphy Dating at the Moment?

Like his career, Eddie Murphy's personal life has been a roller coaster. He's been married twice and in several more relationships. Eddie is the father of ten children, therefore his professional success may come as a surprise to some.

Eddie Murphy's first wife was a woman named Nicole Mitchell. It was at the 1988 NAACP Image Awards that the two first met. After dating for a year, Eddie and Nicole got married in 1993 and were married for 15 years before getting a divorce in 2006.

Is Eddie Murphy Gay

Eddie, however, married Tracey Edmunds in 2007. However, by the end of two weeks, they were no longer together. Eddie went back out for a time and then met the actress and model Paige Butcher.

Despite being 19 years apart in age, Eddie and Paige have been dating since 2012. Meanwhile, in 2018, the soon-to-be parents revealed that Paige was expecting a child with Eddie.

Eddie Murphy’s Sex-Worker Scandal

Eddie Murphy's career nearly ended in 1997 after one of his biggest scandals to date. A transvestite prostitute was apparently picked up by the “Coming To America” star from a West Hollywood gay prostitution establishment.

At around 4:45 a.m., during a traffic stop, authorities reportedly flagged him down and observed his buddy. The transgender prostitute who was born male turned out to have an active prostitution warrant.

There was no evidence that Murphy had done anything wrong prior to the traffic encounter. So they didn't press charges against him but did arrest the sex worker. Eddie Murphy later said he was just giving the prostitute a ride home.

He had no intention of using her services. The harm to his reputation, though, was nearly permanent. Happily, he was able to deftly navigate the ensuing public relations crisis and recapture his Hollywood glory days.


Eddie Murphy is a well-known American entertainer and comedian who has been accused of homophobic jokes and offensive comments about AIDS. He has also been involved with a transsexual sex worker, prompting questions about his sexual orientation and views on homosexual individuals in today's more progressive society.

Murphy later said he was just giving the prostitute a ride home, but the damage to his reputation was nearly permanent. He was able to navigate the crisis and recapture his Hollywood glory days.

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