Is David Muir Married? Are the Rumors of Him Being Gay True?

ABC’s face David Muir is famous for his bravery and for covering the most delicate and deadly news. In addition, David has a sizable following because of the adoration he inspires in the hearts of young women everywhere. Is David Muir married, though?

This is still a very open question. It seems that everyone is increasingly interested in learning more about David Muir's companion. In any case, who exactly is David Muir's wife? Beyond this, his sexual orientation is still unclear. Let's find out who Muir really cares about.

Is David Muir Married?

David Muir has always been very private about his life outside of work. Certainty exists in the fact that the newscaster/journalist in question has never been married before and, apparently, has no plans to do so in the foreseeable future.

When asked about his past or present relationships, he has always remained silent. Despite the fact that the famous reporter's name has been linked to those of other writers in the genre on occasion. Aside from his coworkers, he never dated any actresses, even after he became a famous journalist; instead, they were his closest friends.

Are the Rumors of Him Being Gay True?

Is David Muir Married

A lot of people are wondering who David Muir is dating, but the famous newsreader quickly becomes the center of attention. Back in 2015, a rumor surfaced questioning; is David Muir gay. There were whispers about David and Gio Benitez being gay after they were repeatedly spotted at a gay club.

Many of his followers began to wonder if he was gay as a result. Many people's hearts were immediately broken by this news, and speculation quickly arose. However, Muir never made an effort to set the record straight. However, Benitez has stated categorically that those rumors are false. Later, he shared the news that he was engaged to Tommy DiDario.

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Has He Dated Gio Benitez?

In 2015, rumors circulated that the well-known journalist was seeing his coworker at ABC News, Gio Benitez. They used to hang out frequently and document their activities on Instagram. Fans have extrapolated a romantic relationship between the two because Gio is out as a homosexual.

David and Gio continued to be good friends, but they never addressed the rumors that they were having an affair. Yet, on September 17, 2015, Gio shared the news that he was going to marry Tommy DiDario, his long-term boyfriend. David and Gio married in a small ceremony in Miami, Florida, putting an end to their rumored romance.

Relationship With Kate Dries

A lot of girls have a crush on David Muir because he is one of the most talented and good-looking anchors at ABC. Kate Dries, his co-anchor, was rumored to be the wife of the man who supposedly fell in love with him. This speculation began when Kate's article gained widespread attention.

Apparently her boyfriend David Muir is a monster, so she published an article titled “Reports Indicate.” People started paying attention to this piece almost immediately. It seemed to be the first time a guy with this name had dated a lady.

According to the article, during our first date, David Muir told Kate that Peter Jennings was his idol. Instant chemistry existed between David and Kate. Kate admitted that Peter was her very first romantic interest. But after she met David, she drove Peter deep inside himself. Neither David nor Kate ever heard David confirm his relationship with another person.

However, rumors began spreading that Dries is actually David Muir's wife. Despite the fact that it was later established that Kate was merely playing the role of a David fangirl. In other words, David reportedly never tied the knot. There is hope, though, that he may find a permanent partner in the not-too-distant future.

Is He Currently Dating Anyone?

He has recently been linked to an anonymous man named Sean. The man who has yet to be revealed is rumored to be the company's founder and the brains behind the aussieBum swimwear brand. However, neither this nor any of his other alleged marriages can be verified.

He is good friends with American actress and media personality Kelly Ripa. David posts pictures of the two of them frequently, and the captions always emphasize how much love they have for one another.

After a while, they started talking about more than just being friends. Kelly and Mark have been married since 1996, despite possibly having met in the film industry. Although they spend a lot of time together, David Muir and Kelly are just friends.