Unraveling the Truth: Is Chris Appleton Gay? Find Out Here!

Yes, Chris Appleton is Gay. In A interview Appleton revealed that even after his late realization, it to him some time to accept and understand that he is gay. He replied,

“Some people know straight away, I didn’t and it took me a minute to understand that and accept that and then come out”.

Who Is Chris Appleton?

On June 14, 1983, Chris was born in the United Kingdom. He was born under the sign of the Gemini, and his nationality is British. He belongs to the white racial and ethnic group. Chris comes from a family in which both his sister and his mother supported and encouraged him to pursue a career in the hairstyling industry.

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Past Relationships Of Chris Appleton?

Katie Katon, the managing director of the hair salon George's Hairdressing, was Chris's girlfriend at the time. Appleton fell in love when she was just a teenager and was dating someone she met while working at her salon.

According to what the hairstylist recalled to Grazia Magazine, he panicked with Katie when he moved to Los Angeles in 2016, as he feared that he ‘gave it all up' for nothing. Katie was with him during this time.

After the birth of their two children in 2009, Appleton and Katon decided to end their relationship.

It was reportedly sometime in 2018 when Chris started dating Derek Chadwick. Derek, who came out as gay in August 2018, has not been seen on each other's social media profiles in recent times and there is no record of the two of them currently seeing each other.

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Chris Appleton confirms the relationship

According to gaytimes.co.uk Chris Appleton, a celebrity hairstylist, has stated unequivocally that he and Lukas Gage, a star of the show You, are a couple who is “very much in love.”

After the two started posting pictures of themselves together on Instagram, many people started to speculate that they were dating because they appeared to be romantically involved in the photos.

Is Chris Appleton GayNow, in response to a question about his romantic relationships that he was asked during an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Chris has stated unequivocally that the rumors are accurate.

How Did Chris Appleton Get Famous?

At the age of 13, Appleton got his first job in the United Kingdom, working in a salon. After that, he relocated to London and immediately began entering his work in various hair competitions there. It was his victory in the British Hairdresser of the Year competition in 2010 that initially brought his name to public attention. Rita Ora was the first high-profile celebrity he collaborated with in the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chris Appleton gay?
Yes, Chris Appleton is gay. In an interview, he revealed that it took him some time to understand and accept his sexuality, but he eventually came out.

Who is Chris Appleton?
Chris Appleton was born on June 14, 1983, in the United Kingdom. He is a British hairstylist known for his expertise in the hairstyling industry.

What are some details about Chris Appleton's past relationships?
In the past, Chris was in a relationship with Katie Katon, the managing director of George's Hairdressing, where he worked. They were together for some time and even had two children together. However, they eventually decided to end their relationship.

Who is Chris Appleton currently dating?
Chris Appleton is currently in a relationship with Lukas Gage, a star of the show “You.” The couple has been open about their relationship on social media, posting pictures together and confirming that they are “very much in love.”

How did Chris Appleton become famous?
Chris Appleton's rise to fame began when he won the British Hairdresser of the Year competition in 2010. This victory brought him into the public eye and helped him gain recognition in the hairstyling industry. He then collaborated with high-profile celebrities like Rita Ora, further solidifying his reputation as a top celebrity hairstylist.

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