Is Children of the Corn Based on a True Story?

“Children of the Corn,” a horror movie based on a short story by Stephen King, has long captivated audiences with its eerie portrayal of a small town overrun by sinister children. The film, released in 1984, follows a young couple who stumble upon a rural Nebraska town inhabited solely by children who worship a malevolent deity known as “He Who Walks Behind the Rows.”

While the premise of the film is undeniably chilling, many viewers have wondered if “Children of the Corn” is rooted in reality or if it is purely a work of fiction.

What is Children of the Corn about?

Children of the Corn tells the story of Burt and Vicky, a couple on a cross-country drive to rescue their failing marriage when they become engrossed in the weird and unpleasant atmosphere of a small Nebraska village. Unbeknownst to the two, they have reached a place controlled by youngsters who are devoted to an all-knowing corn god. The story was first published by Stephen King in 1977.

Is Children of the Corn Based on a True Story?

For extra context, in Children of the Corn, Burt and Vicky initially fall into the children's trap when they run over a little kid whose throat has been slit. Seeking assistance, they enter a church and see a list of the deceased, all of whom have not lived past the age of 17.

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They are quickly kidnapped by a mob of children in a cornfield. Burt and Vicky realize that these youngsters are part of a civilization that kills them before they can reach adulthood. Furthermore, they do this because they worship the god, He Who Walks Behind The Rows.

Is Children of the Corn a True Story?

No, Children of the Corn isn't based on a true story. Stephen King invented the imaginary characters Burt and Vicky, as well as the aforementioned “children” who inhabit the cornfield.

Is Children of the Corn Based on a True Story?

The story takes place in Gatlin, Nebraska, a fictional town established by Stephen King that is comparable to Derry, Jersalem's Lot, and Castle Rock. Overall, Children of the Corn has no characters, locales, or events from actual life. Everything was imagined by Stephen King's terrible mind.

Elements of Children of the Corn appear in other King works, including It. Although several of Stephen King's writings can be traced back to actual events, with the author creating other histories, Children of the Corn is not one of them.

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Of course, this idea is not wholly unique. King is quite candid about the real-life events and individuals who influence his writings. For example, a Stephen King story draws inspiration from a real-life serial killer, the BTK killer. In this light, it does not appear too farfetched that King would have written a narrative based on a real-life children's cult, but this is not the case.

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