Is Bruised Based on a True Story? Lets Find Out

Is Bruised Based on a True Story? In the sports drama ‘Bruised,' Jackie Justice, a mixed martial arts fighter, fights to get back into the game after suffering a devastating defeat. After enduring a traumatic experience, she is reunited with her young son, from whom she had been estranged for many years.

Jackie tries to win back the championship while she and her son work to put their lives back together and learn more about each other. Is this inspiring tale based on any true events? Is Jackie Justice a real MMA fighter, or not? What is it?

Is Bruised Based on a True Story?

The story of “Bruised” is not inspired by true occurrences. Halle Berry made changes to the script by director Michelle Rosenfarb so that the film's protagonist, a middle-aged black single mother, could be a key role. Berry convinced the movie's producers to go along with her plans to change the script, plot, and tone.

When this actor-director first read the script in 2017, she fell in love with the story and its broken protagonist, who perseveres and sets out on a path of atonement.

Is Bruised Based on a True Story?

Since Berry wanted to breathe new life into an “old genre,” she decided to make the protagonist a middle-aged African-American woman (of fight films). After getting the backing of the producers and revising the script with the writers, the star set out to find the perfect director to bring her vision to life.

This proved more challenging than expected, and after an exhaustive search and the advice of her friend and producing partner, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Berry decided to take on the massive task alone.

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She did not want her hard work on the character to be for naught because of a disagreement with the film's director. Halle Berry was looking for a tale that she could identify with, so the plot of ‘Bruised' was altered from a fictional script about a young MMA fighter. Let's see if and how she modeled her tough MMA protagonist after a real-life competitor.

Is Jackie Justice a Real Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fighter?

Jackie Justice is a fictional character portrayed by Halle Berry, who put in a lot of work to create the image of a competent but disgraced mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. In addition to the obvious changes required to make the character resemble her, Berry drew inspiration from her own struggles and “fights” to give Jackie Justice genuine, real emotions.

The Oscar winner said, “I understand being ostracised as a Black woman and the rage, hatred, fear, and frustration that comes with it.”

Is Bruised Based on a True Story?

I thought I could make a believable character who would speak to women of many backgrounds if I used my own experiences and insights in the film.

Berry spent about eight months training in martial arts to prepare for her role, and she also brought her own life experiences and feelings to bear on her character. Every day, she spent four to six hours practicing various martial arts, including boxing, Muay Thai, judo, jujitsu, and capoeira. Filming a combat sequence for the movie left her with damaged ribs as well.

Despite the fact that Jackie Justice's main character is not based on a genuine MMA fighter, the film's lead actor-director weaves many of her personal experiences into the narrative.

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Although Berry's own “war” is far different from the one her character faces, it gives the latter a more authentic air of struggle and resolves. Although “Bruised” is a work of fiction, both the protagonist and the novel's allegorical message are based on real-world struggles, making the story feel genuine and hopeful.

Where Can I Watch Bruised Movie?

In addition to the OTT Platform, Netflix and Amazon Prime also carry the film. It's not available on streaming platforms like Hulu or Hotstar.

Do Audiences Enjoy the Movie?

The film was neither a huge success nor a total failure in 2021, earning mostly negative reviews from critics and sparking a minor controversy.

I really hope that this post has accomplished its intended purpose and clarified everything for its readers. Keep checking back with us for the latest information on your favorite shows, movies, and more!

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