Is August Alsina Gay? In “The Surreal Life,” He Appears to Introduce His Boyfriend

Is August Alsina Gay? Is August Alsina a homophobe. Read this article to find out if August Alsina is gay or straightย if you're a fan of his. The musician and songwriter August Alsina has released a number of singles. Read this article to find out all the details about August Alsina, including his age, height, and the name of his girlfriend.

Is August Alsina Gay?

However, August Alsina's sexual orientation in real life is still a mystery, despite the fact that he came out as homosexual and introduced a lover during the closing segment of an episode of VH1's The Surreal Life, According to Vimbuzz.

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In “The Surreal Life,” August Alsina Appears to Introduce His Boyfriend

August made a public statement as the credits rolled at the end of the November 21 episode of The Surreal Life. Love did appear, but in a different form,” August said. “I want to tell you that because I want to thank the person who loves me and who has taught me so much about love and healing. I want to do that in public because it goes against the grain of what society says love should be like.

ย Then, August has a man join him on TV. As the mysterious man sits, August replies, โ€œI love you,โ€ and the two men hug it out. It certainly appears like August is introducing a partner due to the way he talks about love transcending society's standards, but August could also be teasing the fans to get a rise out of us.

Instagram detective work led us to discover that August's on-screen male companion is actually Zu, with whom he has worked on some of his most recent singles. Two of their singles, “2 am” and “Yeah Yeah,” were released under the ZA Pack moniker. Fans have been curious about August and Zu's connection for a long time because he has been posting photos and videos of himself with Zu.

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About August Alsina

He was born August Anthony Alsina Jr. on September 3, 1992, and is a New Orleans, Louisiana-born American singer formerly signed to Def Jam Recordings. In 2012, he dropped his debut mixtape, The Product, and in 2013, he dropped his debut EP, Downtown: Life Under the Gun, both on The-Radio Dream's Killa Records and Def Jam Recordings.

is august alsina gay

After the platinum success of his singles “I Luv This Shit” (with Trinidad James) and “No Love,” in 2014, Alsina released his first studio album Testimony (featuring Nicki Minaj). In 2015, they released a follow-up album titled This Thing Called Life.

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His 2019 EP, Forever and a Day, came after he had left Def Jam and taken an extended break from music. To promote the release of his third studio album, The Product III: State of Emergency, and a five-part documentary series chronicling his life, family, and health, Alsina had a highly publicized “entanglement” with actress Jada Pinkett Smith in 2020.

Frequently Asked Qeustios

August Alsina: is He Gay?

August Alsina is Not a Gay Man.

What is August Alsina's Age?

At This Time, August Alsina is Thirty Years Old.

How Tall is August Alsina?

The Height of August Alsina is 181.6 Cm.


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