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Is Ariana Grande Pregnant? What Is The Truth?

ARIANA Grande shocked fans when she quietly tied the knot in May 2021 to Dalton Gomez.

Now, fans believe that the newlyweds are expecting a kid and want to know the truth.

Why Do Fans Think Ariana Grande Is Pregnant?

Rumors started circulating in January 2022 that Grande, 28, was expecting her first child.

Rumors about the star's pregnancy emerged after a picture of her appeared to indicate a baby bump on the internet.

That picture, which makes her look pregnant, was allegedly edited and isn't real.

Even in 2018, Grande told James Corden: “People genuinely want me to be pregnant.” This isn't the first time the singer has been linked to pregnancy rumors. They're desperate for it. A “pregnant thing” happens every other week.

Grande and Gomez, both 26, have not yet decided if they want to start a family.

Who is Dalton Gomez?

A real estate broker, Gomez was born on August 7, 1995.

According to his Instagram account, he works for the Aaron Kirman Group, a California real estate firm known for selling multi-million dollar properties.

However, despite being married to a celebrity, Gomez maintains a limited social media presence.

is ariana grande pregnant

His personal Instagram account has just one post and fewer than 4,200 followers, yet his wife has over 292 million Instagram followers and more than 4,900 photographs on her profile.

When Did the Two Start Dating?

At the beginning of 2020, there were rumors that the two were dating, although Grande didn't announce their relationship until May.

In her music video for “Stuck With U,” which was released at the time, the singer unveiled her new relationship by showing them dancing in her bedroom and sharing a kiss.

After announcing their engagement in December 2020, Grande married the couple just five months later at her Montecito, California residence.

No formal ceremony was held, and only a few people were invited.


Grande was previously engaged to comedian Pete Davidson on Saturday Night Live in 2018.

is ariana grande pregnant

No News of Ariana Grande Being Pregnant

Rumors were going around that Grande had shared the picture on her Instagram account but that she had since erased it. A polaroid picture of a pregnant Ariana Grande features a heart that has been scribbled in the post.

The photograph appears authentic enough for users on the internet to share it without recognizing that it is fake. On the other hand, this pattern did not emerge overnight.

Fans of Ariana Grande have been sharing images and videos for quite some time, demonstrating what the singer will appear to be like when she “ultimately” becomes pregnant.

In an episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden that aired in August 2018, the singer addressed the problem head-on. In her own words, she said:

“Tons of pregnancy stuff, people really want me to be pregnant. They want it so bad. Every other week there’s, like, a pregnancy thing.”

They also added:

“Dreams of being a mother are something special that she would love to pursue a few years down the line, but she has a lot of work to still do professionally, and she is a workaholic.”

Unless the woman, who is 28 years old, decides to announce her pregnancy to the public, it is reasonable to presume that she is not now carrying a child.

Social Media Reacts to Ariana Grande Pregnancy Rumor

Opinions on social media concerning the rumors surrounding Ariana Grande were mixed. Still could obviously see through the posts while others believed in it, and some others were uncertain about whether they should trust the source.

is ariana grande pregnant

And a few individuals have found humor in the situation and made jokes, relating to lyrics from her song “thankyou, next.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Ariana Grande's Real Name?

Ariana Grande, full name Ariana Grande-Butera, (born June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida, United States), is an American pop singer and actress who rose to prominence in the early 2010s as one of the genre's most successful artists, recognized for her four-octave range.

Who Is Ariana Grande's Ex?

The Victorious alum's past relationships include Graham Phillips from 2008 to 2011, Janoskians singer Jai Brooks from 2012 to 2014, and The Wanted's Nathan Sykes briefly in 2013. Grande grew close to Big Sean in 2014, but they broke up eight months later due to conflicting tour schedules.

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