Irv Gotti Net Worth: What is the Main Source of His Income?

Irv Gotti is an American DJ and record producer who works in the hip-hop and R&B genres. He started as a DJ in New York clubs and undergrounds in the 1990s because he wanted to be a rapper.

After working with “Merlin Iman, 50 Cent, David Banner, and Yasiin Bey” for three years, he got the chance to be in a hip-hop music video called “Eyes on the Hip Hop” in 1995. He is well-known for starting “Murder Inc. Records” with his brother Chris Gotti and running it as CEO.

He is best known for his work with Jay-Z, DMX, and Kanye West. He has also helped Ashanti, Ja Rule, and Jennifer Lopez have a lot of number-one hits. He has made over 50 different music videos and close to 100 hit songs.

Irv Gotti: Early Years

Irving Domingo Lorenzo Jr. was born in the Hollis neighborhood of Queens, New York City, on June 26, 1970. Irving is his dad's name, and Nee Nee Lorenzo is the name of his mom. He grew up with his seven siblings.

Irv Gotti Net Worth

During his childhood, he had problems with his family, money, and himself. Because he needed money, he started selling crack and cocaine while he was still in high school. But he could no longer deal because he got into trouble with the government.

Irv Gotti: Career

Gotti's first job was as a DJ in New York City clubs. He first appeared in the music video for “Eyes on Hip Hop” in 1995. In 1998, he directed the music video for “Joy to the World” by Mariah Carey and wrote the song “Can I Get a…” for the hit movie “Rush Hour.”

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For the play “Belly” by Hype Williams, he wrote and produced the songs “Grand Finale” and “Story to Tell.”Gotti and his brother Chris started the record company “Murder, Inc.” together. Over time, big names in the music business like “Universal, Def Jam, and Sony Music” began to distribute the label's music.

In 1999, he was the one who made the song “How Many Wanna.” Then, he made the hit song “We Murderers Baby” for the comedy movie “Next Friday.”In 2002, he made a lot of music videos, like “Foolish, Down 4 U, and Baby (Remix).”

Irv Gotti Net Worth

Ashanti and Ja Rule were his two biggest artists. In 2011, he showed up in an episode of the TV show “Conan.” In 2014, he remixed the song “I'm Real” for the documentary “Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again.” In 2013, he wrote the song “Foolish” for the movie “About Time.”

He wrote and produced the song “I'm Coming Out” for the movie “The Other Woman.” In 2018, after an almost 11-year break, he went back to work as a music video director. In 2019, he worked on Kanye West's single “Brothers,” which he also produced.

Irv Gotti's Net Worth

According to celebrity net worth, Irv Gotti's estimated net worth in 2022 is $25 million, which makes him one of the world's richest music video directors and record producers.


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Gotti has made more than $20 million by making singles for artists like Ashanti and Jay Z. Most of his money comes from contracts and deals with brands. He makes about $2 million a year and $250 thousand a month, which is an estimate.

Irv Gotti: Personal Life

Gotti was married to Debbie Lorenzo, and they had three children together: Angie, JJ, and Sonny. Debbie told Gotti that he was having an affair with Ashanti, and they split up in 2013. Even though his marriage to Debbie didn't work out, he moved on and is now married to Ashley Martelle, who used to be a Taz Angel.

Irv Gotti Net Worth

In New York City in 2003, Gotti's brother was involved in a shooting. During the investigation, the way the bullet went into Lorenzo's leg made the police wonder if he did it to himself, but no real suspects were ever found.

Irv Gotti: Sources of income

Irv Gotti started making music in the 1990s, and now he is one of the best music producers in the country. Murder Inc., his record, brings in a lot of money for him. As a music video director and producer, the rapper has worked with many artists and made a lot of money.

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A big chunk of his income also comes from the entertainment business, like TV shows. Some say that at the height of his music career, Irv Gotti had more than $10 million in his bank account. He lost a lot of money because he was accused of money laundering, among other things.

Irv Gotti: Assets


Irv Gotti was born in New York City, which makes him an American. He grew up there, but when he became famous and wealthy, he moved to Los Angeles, where he now owns a very nice house. Besides that, he owns several other pieces of real estate.


Irv Gotti has a lot of cars that he loves to drive, and he enjoys every one of them. Gotti owns a Cadillac Escalator, a Mercedes-Maybach, and many other very expensive cars.

Irv Gotti: Controversies

Gotti's record label, Murder Inc., changed its name to The Inc. after the investigation in 2003 when fifty government agents raided Murder Inc.'s Manhattan headquarters.

In 2005, the producer gave in to federal charges of money laundering for helping a friend and was sentenced for helping a drug kingpin hide more than $1 million in illegal drug money.

Prosecutors said that Gotti's friend Kenneth McGriff, who went by the name Supreme on the streets of Queens, would send sacks of cash to Gotti's label, Murder Inc., on Manhattan's Eighth Avenue.

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Gotti, his brother Chirs, Ja Rule's manager Ronald Robinson, and the label's bookkeeper Cynthia Brent were all charged with money laundering.

Gotti and his brother Chirs said they were innocent and were released on $1 million bonds after putting up their parents' home in Bronxville as collateral. Gotti refused to get money from drug dealers to start his business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Irv Gotti's Age?

Irv Gotti is 52 years old right now (26 June 1970).

What is the Salary of Irv Gotti?

Irv Gotti is thought to make more than $2 million per year in salary.

What is Irv Gotti's Height?

Irv Gotti's height is 1.78 M.