Irma Serrano Cause of Death: What Happened to La Tigersa Star?

On Wednesday (01 Mar 2023), the Mexican Performers' Association announced Irma Serrano's death at the age of 89. Serrano was a former actor who transitioned into politics and was the ex-girlfriend of Mexico's president. In this article, we will read about Irma Serrano cause of death.

Who was Irma Serrano?

Irma Serrano was born on December 9, 1933, in Chiapas, Mexico. She began her professional singing career in the 1960s, and she quickly rose to prominence as a ranchera and corrido singer.

El Amor De La Paloma and La Martina were two of her most well-known successes. In 1962, she signed with Columbia Records and immediately became a legend in the realm of Mexican folk music.Irma Serrano Cause of Death

Her filmography spans over two decades and includes over two dozen titles, such as Lola La Trailera, La Tigersa, La Venganza de Gabino Barrera, and El Higo Del Diablo. Serrano began his career in the theatre in the 1970s and 1980s, producing and appearing in a number of critically acclaimed and occasionally divisive pieces. The best-known was Naná, which caused a stir due to its extreme erotica.

What Was Irma Serrano Cause of Death?

Foro TV reports that she had a heart attack and passed away on March 1, 2023. The National Association of Translators and Interpreters in Mexico has corroborated the report.

They posted the news of Serrano's passing on Twitter, writing in Spanish: Irma Serrano, an interpreter for @ANDIMexico, has passed away. Our hearts go out to his loved ones at this time.

In What Year Was Irma Involved in Politics? 

While in politics, Serran served as a deputy for the state of Chiapas and a senator for Mexico from 1994 to 2000. The Institutional Revolutionary Party and its successor, the Partido de la Revolución Democrática, were early political affiliations for Serrano.

During her time in politics, she became independent. It was said that she had an affair with the president of Mexico at the time, Gustavo Diaz Ordaz.

Neither party confirmed the affair until the release of Serrano's book, A Calzón Amarrado, in which she detailed the romance.

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