Invasion Season 2 Release Date: What Could be the Story of Invasion Season 2?

The alien invasion drama “Invasion”  is a thrilling and suspenseful story about an alien invasion and its effects on humanity as promised by the show's creators, Simon Kinberg and David Weil.

May I tell you in this article when is season 2 coming and maybe, which cast will be there and what will be expected, we will cover all the aspects in this article without getting lost, We discuss point to point without any lengthy article material, let's start.

Renewal of Invasion Season 2

So may I tell you that the shooting of Invasion Season 2 has been completed the last year 2022 itself, till now it was going on that we can see this series till May but now even June has come, still its teaser Till the launch is not done, now it is difficult to find out what is going on in the mind of the makers.

Expected Release Date of Invasion Season 2?

Officially, no release date has been mentioned yet, the makers have made all the necessary things but have not yet decided when to release them. It is possible that the makers want to do something big and want to surprise their fans. Don't get into any rumors whatever may happen, I will keep on giving you updates from time to time.

Recap of Invasion Season 1 Ending

A final showdown occurs between the resistance and the invaders. There are explosions, clashes, and frantic attempts at survival as the battle reaches its climax. The invading forces are making one last effort to wipe out Havenwood's remaining resistance.

The invasion's aftermath is becoming clear as the dust settles. Even though Havenwood is in ruins, its spirit lives on. The survivors, battered but not broken, start the long process of re-establishing their lives and their community. The invasion lays the groundwork for a future in which humanity will always be united against any future threats.

What Could be the Story of Invasion Season 2?

We anticipate investigating how Ahmed's death has affected his wife, Aneesha. Season 2 of Invasion will presumably pick up immediately after the invasion, though there is currently no confirmed plot for the upcoming season.

The fact that Mitsuki seems to have spotted something worrying on the JASA system in season 1 and that Ward spotted what might be another spaceship on the beach in season 1 both suggest that there will most likely be more space invaders to come in season 2.

invasion season 2 Release date

The fact that Casper, who barely escaped death, has a supernatural link to the aliens will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the story going forward.

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The cast of Invasion Season 2

It's likely that more characters will be introduced as the invasion progresses. Although Sheriff John Bell Tyson (Sam Neill) and Ahmed Malik (Firas Nassar) appear to be dead, Casper's connection to the hive mind may allow for their resurrections. Ahmed may make a cameo in flashback sequences.

  • Golshifteh Farahani as Aneesha Malik
  • Shamier Anderson as Trevante Cole
  • Shioli Kutsuna as Mitsuki Yamato
  • Billy Barratt as Casper Morrow
  • Azhy Robertson as Luke Malik
  • Tara Moayedi as Sarah Malik
  • Daisuke Tsuji as Kaito Kawaguchi

Trailer of Invasion Season 2

As I have told you that till now no release date has come, similarly no trailer has come till now but you can see the trailer for season 1, believe me, your curiosity will increase further.

Link: trailer of Invasion Season 1

Where Can I Watch Invasion Season 2

As soon as Invasion Season 2 comes out, you can watch it on Apple TV Plus, to which you will have to subscribe to it. But don't worry, I will tell you on which platform you can watch this series for free.

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Rating & Reviewsinvasion season 2 release date


Invasion scored
  • The All-Over Invasion series has Scored 6 out of 10 on IMDb,


  • Storyline review

Season 1 of “Invasion” provides an exciting and tense story that hooks viewers from the get-go. Science fiction, mystery, and human drama are all expertly interwoven in this series about an alien invasion and the struggle to survive it.

  • Plot review

The well-written plot and fascinating characters contribute significantly to the atmosphere of tension and intrigue that permeates the show. The crash and the events that follow have a satisfying pace, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats and making them curious to learn the invaders' true intentions.

  • Characters review

The characters and setting of Havenwood give the story a sense of familiarity and humanity. As a result of the town's struggles and eventual coming together, viewers are able to identify with the characters on a deeper level.

  • VFX review

Production-wise and in terms of special effects, “Invasion” is excellent, fully immersing viewers in the violence and destruction caused by the invasion. The show's action scenes are exciting and expertly choreographed, making for a riveting viewing experience.

  • Inspirational review

The depth with which “Invasion” delves into topics like fortitude, selflessness, and the durability of interpersonal bonds is a key differentiator. Characters are put in impossible situations and forced to make tough decisions, demonstrating the strength of the human will in the face of adversity.

  • Overall review

Some viewers, however, might find that certain events or character arcs are too obvious or lack originality. For those looking for a fresh take on the invasion story, the film's heavy reliance on genre conventions may leave them cold.

The first season of “Invasion” is a required and expertly executed science fiction and human drama. Its impressive production values, well-developed characters, and engaging plot keep viewers captivated. For those who enjoy stories about alien invasions and stories with strong character development, “Invasion” is a must-see.


At the end of May, I would say that keep your curiosity on hold, very soon we will get to see Invasion Season 2, now it is obvious that if the shoot has happened, it will also be released. According to the kind of fanbase of this series, it is confirmed that we can get to see part 2 of this series very soon.

The makers are going to cover up something, that's why they are getting so much weight done. So now it has to be seen how much more exciting and thrilling Invasion season 2 we will get to see.

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