Into the Badlands Cancelled: Could the Show Keep Going on Another Channel?

When show fans discovered AMC's martial arts season would end after season 3, they were distraught. But fans still hope that the show will continue on another network. Even so, it's hard to say if there has been any effort to find a new home for the show.

Fans of the show think there is still a chance for a fourth season because it seems to be a passionate one. Also, the series may be saved by a network that wants to promote it more. In the show's last episodes, the pilgrims' plan to take over the Badlands is told.

Into the Badlands Cancelled

So far, the show has solved many plots and mysteries, such as why Sunny's sister went missing, why the Widow went to war with Baron Chau, what was going on with Azra, and Sunny's past. Here is all the information you need about the show.

Is the Show Over After the Third Season?

Yes, the show will end after the third season, which ended in June 2018. Fans had to wait long to hear anything about the show coming back. In February 2019, AMC said that the exhibition Into the Badlands would end after its third season.

Could the Show Keep Going on Another Channel?

After season 3, the show will be over, but there is still a tiny chance it could come back. Indeed, this show won't be the first one that a different network, like Netflix, brings back.

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For a show to get a second chance, it needs fans who are really into it, which Into the Badlands seems to have in spades. A lot of fans have been tweeting with the hashtag #SaveTheBadlands.

This has brought the show to the attention of the cast and crew, and some of these tweets have been shared by cast members like Nathaniel Moon actor Sherman Augustus.

Into the Badlands Cancelled

Even though it makes sense that the show is being canceled because of low ratings, it's important to note that AMC's interest in the series seemed to drop a lot after its first season.

Will There Be Another Comic Book About Into the Badlands?

During the first season, AMC released three digital comics for Into the Badlands. This shows that the show could continue as a comic book.

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Alfred Gough, one of the show's co-creators, said in an interview with IndieWire that producers have talked to AMC about the show continuing in some other way, and it's possible that the show could continue as comic books or even an animated series.

When Can We Get Any News About Into the Badlands?

At this point, there's no reason to think that Into the Badlands will come back, but it's been possible for a while. If season 4 is picked up by a different network, it could be a while before anything is made official. At least, it won't be for a few months.

How Did Fans React to the Cancellation of Into the Badlands Season 4?

When the show's creators said that season 3 would be the last, fans weren't happy about it. It broke many people's hearts, and some are still waiting for another season. On their Twitter accounts, we can see some of what they said:

Into the Badlands Season 3 Official Trailer


When AMC said they were ending the show, Into the Badlands fans were devastated. Fans only want the show to be renewed so the story can go on.

So they can watch their favorite martial artists fight again. But for now, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed. For more information on upcoming movies, check our website by clicking here.