Interesting Things To Know About “This Way Up”

In the day of gloominess, I am sure you look for a comedy movie or series that can bring a smile to your face. I know this because it has happened to me many a time. One such series that I have watched in my bad days was “This Way Up”, and then I couldn’t wait to watch “This Way Up Season 2”.

Along with being a comedy series, it can also find relatable to many young women out there because mental health issues are prevalent in this era, and we cannot avoid them. Due to pressure and so many things happening in one’s life, we ought to take the stress.

But for some, the stress level exceeds their capability resulting in mental breakdown. In this series, you will see how a young woman struggles to normalize her life after a mental breakdown.

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This Way Up Season 1

You will see the series revolving around the struggle of a Young Lady named “Aine” who is taken care of by her sister Shona. Aine suffers from a mental breakdown after she had to face a bad break-up phase in her life.

To save herself, she goes to a rehabilitation centre in Archway London. The first episode starts with Aine leaving the rehab centre and meeting her sister Shona. Shona and Aine had to go to a dinner party, but Aine avoids the plan by telling her sister that she will join her later.

Meanwhile, Aine calls her friend Tom, Whom she met in the rehab center, and is attracted towards him.

You must be thinking, In the name of comedy, it is a serious series, right? (Yes, I am a mind reader)

But trust me, you would fell off your bed laughing once you see the episode where Aine kissed her cousin, thinking that he is the blind date that her sister set it up for her.

This is only one scene that I have described here, many throughout the season will make you laugh out loud.

This Way up Season 2

For the obvious reason, it was certain that there will be season 2 of the “This Way Up” series. The first reason was the incomplete ending in season 1, which left fans with so many unanswered questions. The second reason being the rating of season 1. It succeeded to achieve a 90% score on Totten tomatoes.

Seeing these 2 reasons, what do you think? This Way Up Season 2 was obvious, right?

After a full entertainment time watching “This Way Up ” fans will finally be able to watch the “This Way up Season 2” on July 14th on Channel 4.

There are so many questions that boggle up the mind of fans to watch season 2 as soon as it is released.

Few questions that I can surely make out that you are waiting for them to be answered is:

“How will Shona continue with Vish after kissing her business partner Charlotte?”

“Will Shona forgive Aine for not telling so many important things?”

“What will happen between Aine and Freddle after they had sex?”

I hope you will get the answers to the questions in season 2. Your wait is on the verge of the end as you can now watch season 2.

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Season 2 picks off where Season 1 left off, with Aine adjusting to her new life while enjoying a potentially forbidden romance, and Shona juggling an upcoming marriage, a business venture, and frantically attempting to put the temptations of her lesbian affair with Charlotte at away. The sister story is less concerned with the seriousness of the topics, yet still manages to incorporate them with ease, using genuine humour that feels impromptu.

As they had to film the series during Lockdown, they faced many challenges. But nonetheless, they also had fun in the shooting. But the good news was the shooting plans were not much affected by the Lockdown.

Let’s hear what Bea has to say about the experience of shooting in Lockdown “On many levels, shooting the show in the winter under a nationwide lockdown was quite difficult,” Bea remarked.

“But one moment I remember laughing my head off was with my brilliant make-up artist Lisa Kennedy. She also did series I, and she held me healthy during the shot, and Lisa had to cover me in the red make-up to make me look hot and sweaty from a sauna when we shot a sauna scene which is the opening of episode 1.

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Wrapping up

Now, what are you waiting for? Go and watch season 2, which is filled with entertainment and hilarious scenes. To watch more such series or movies that will lighten up your day, dive deep into our website, and you will get a plethora of such amazing series and movies.