Interesting Things To Know About Shameless

Shameless is an American comedy-drama television series that ran on Showtime from January 9, 2011, to April 11, 2021. It was created by John Wells. William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum lead an ensemble cast in this remake of Paul Abbott's British series of the same name. The show is set on Chicago's South Side.

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What the Show is All About?

Frank Gallagher, a neglectful single father of six children, Fiona, Phillip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam, is depicted in the series as a poor, dysfunctional household. His children learn to take care of themselves while he spends his days inebriated or in quest of escapades. The show's creators wanted to set it apart from other American working-class dramas by emphasising how Frank's drinking and drug addiction effect his family. “It's not My Name Is Earl or Roseanne,” show creator Paul Abbott said.

It's associated with a considerably higher level of poverty. It isn't blue collar; it isn't even a collar.” John Wells, the showrunner, opposed attempts to set the show in the South or in a trailer park. He explained, “We have a comedy tradition of poking fun of the individuals who live in those worlds.” “These individuals aren't ‘the other,' they're people who live four streets down and two blocks over from you.”


The Making of Shamless

The show is largely shot in Chicago, with some scenes shot at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. The second season began filming on July 5, 2011 and premiered on January 8, 2012. On February 1, 2012, the show was renewed for a third season, and filming began on June 27, 2012. On January 13, 2013, the third season began, and two weeks later, on January 29, Shameless was renewed for a fourth season. It aired for the first time on January 12, 2014. The series was renewed for a fifth season on February 18, 2014.
Emmy Rossum, who had been paid much less than her co-star William H. Macy for several seasons, has requested that she be paid equally and reimbursed in future seasons to make up for the earlier compensation inequities, according to reports in December 2016. Equal pay discussions, which were loudly supported by her co-star William H. Macy, temporarily halted work on the series' eighth season while she and Warner Bros. Television negotiated.
On December 14, the feud came to an end when Rossum declared on Twitter that she would continue to work on the show, with production on the eighth season set to begin in May 2017.
Shameless was been renewed for an eighth season on December 19, 2016, according to Showtime.  It was reported just days after the eighth season premiere that the show has been renewed for a ninth season, bringing the total number of episodes to 100.

Interesting Things To Know About Shameless

When it came to deciding where to set the American version of Shameless, the producers first wanted to go for the easy path and set it in a trailer park in the south. The US version's creator, John Wells, was adamantly opposed to the plan, claiming that such a scenario has previously been overused and frequently results in trite, formulaic gags and situations.
Emmy Rossum didn't think she had what it required to play Fiona Gallagher, and the producers of Shameless didn't believe she did. They thought she was too gorgeous, too clean-cut, and too glamorous to play Fiona based on her previous work, particularly her portrayal in 2004's The Phantom of the Opera. They wouldn't even offer her an audition since they were confident she'd never get the part.
William H. Macy is excellent in the part of absentee father Frank Gallagher, as seen by his Emmy nominations and SAG award victories. However, it turns out that Macy wasn't the first pick for the part, something he didn't realise until he ran into the person who was.
The tangled connection between Fiona and Steve— aka Jimmy, aka Jack— played by Justin Chatwin— was a prominent aspect of Shameless for the first three seasons. While his main part was reduced to that of a recurring guest star in the fourth and fifth seasons, he was never scheduled to return beyond season three.
Most of the Shameless actors has never worked together before, which is astounding given their incredible chemistry and, by all accounts, how well they all get along off screen. Despite the fact that two main cast members were co-stars before to Shameless, it's unlikely that one of them is interested in reminiscing about it.
The friendship between Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich, played by actor Noel Fisher, has been one of Shameless' most heartbreaking subplots. The couple's journey has been such an important part of both characters' development on the show, particularly Ian's, that it's difficult to believe Mickey wasn't always meant to be a longterm cast member and have such an impact on Ian's life.

Wrapping Up

In Shameless, a variety of addictive habits are displayed, each with various degrees of danger and legality. To be honest, smoking tobacco isn't the worst thing a character can do. That isn't to say that the show's portrayal of smoking hasn't been given careful consideration. If you liked this article then I am sure you would love our other articles as well where you will find joy and entertainment, so checkout our website.