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Inside Man Season 2: Release Date & Renewal Status Updates!

Inside Man Season 2: Looking for an exciting thriller to tide you over until Netflix's holiday movies and shows come out? The English drama Inside Man just started airing on the platform on October 31, and it looks like it's worth a look. The four-part show debuted on BBC One in September and is now on the streamer for people outside of the UK.

Inside Man is sure to get people's attention quickly on Netflix because it has a great cast, including Stanley Tucci and David Tennant. Steven Moffat, who is best known for his work on Doctor Who, Sherlock, Dracula, and other shows, also made Inside Man.

The new series is short and will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. We won't tell you how Inside Man ends, but people are already wondering what could happen next with the show. Is season 2 in Moffat's plans? What do we know?

Will Inside Man Have a Second Season?

So far, there have been no announcements about what will happen with Inside Man. It's possible that there will never be another one since the four episodes tell a complete story from beginning to end.

Inside Man Season 2

However… There are always loose ends that could be used to make another batch of episodes if the show is popular enough. We'll let you know if anything changes.

When Will the Second Season of Inside Man Be Released?

We won't know when season two will come out until we know for sure that there will be one. Season 1 just came out on September 26. Taking into account the time it takes to make a show, it's likely that a second season wouldn't come out until late 2023. At least we've still got season one to get stuck into in the meantime!

What Will Happen in Inside Man Season 2?

If there is a second season and the plot from the first season continues, it's likely that Harry won't be in it and Grieff will have a new case to solve, all while the clock is ticking down to his own execution. Grieff has never left prison and does all of his smart things through other people, like the mechanic and the gangster.

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In theory, you could put Grieff anywhere in the world. But the scene in the middle of the credits of the first season left a clear opening: looking into the “murder” of Janice's husband.

Inside Man Season 2

In that scene, she asked him to look into the death of her husband. Even though, as she said, he's not dead but should be, she said. There's also a chance that Harry and Grieff will work together to find a way to get him out of jail.

Who Could Be in Season 2 of Inside Man?

David Tennant, Stanley Tucci, and Lydia West all have major roles in S1, so we'd like to see them all back for S2. Tennant plays the priest Harry Watling, Tucci plays the prisoner Jefferson Grieff, and West plays the reporter Beth Davenport.

Dolly Wells, who plays math teacher Janice Fife, is also in the show. But the cast for season two would depend on whether or not the characters are still alive and important to the story.

Inside Man Season 2

We haven't reached the end of season one yet, but a sneak peek at episode four shows that Jefferson Grieff is on death row and could be killed soon. Is Stanley Tucci coming back? We'll have to see what happens.

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Inside Man Official Trailer

Where Can I Watch Inside Man?

Inside Man is streaming on BBC iPlayer now.

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