Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Insane Fight Erupts During Interview for the “No Jumper” Podcast! Watch Video

Things took a turn for the worse during a recent interview on No Jumper with an aspiring pimp named Kelpy. Kelpy had previously engaged in a heated debate with No Jumper host Sharp in a video that was published one month ago.

Almighty Suspect sat down with Sharp for the initial interview, and he also sat down with Adam22 for Kelpy's return to the show. Both interviews were conducted in anticipation of Kelpy's appearance on the show.

Adam began their conversation by telling Kelpy about his history, which included an interview he had given on another platform as well as a raid that the police had conducted. After that, Adam inquired as to why Almighty Suspect took offense to Kelpy's attire during the initial interview, and Almighty Suspect stated that Kelpy's fur coat was akin to the “costume” of someone imitating a pimp.

The tension rose over the course of the interview as Almighty Suspect and Kelpy took turns making cutting remarks to one another. At one point, Almighty Suspect addresses Kelpy with the following question: “Who are you, exactly? Nobody is familiar with you!” Kelpy's reaction to this was to yell, “Ben Franklin knows who the f*** I am, b*tch,” which led to Almighty Suspect beating Kelpy until the fight was broken up. Kelpy's response was that Ben Franklin knows who the f*** he is.

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What is the Reason Behind the Fight?

Two unsigned rappers, Almighty Suspect and Lil Kelpy, were recently interviewed by No Jumper podcast host Adam22 (the guy on the left). Almighty Suspect essentially accused Lil Kelpy (the white one) of stealing pimp valour, and the two young men spent the entire time arguing over the legitimacy of their pimp status.

Things quickly escalated as you saw, and when Lil Kelpy called Almighty Suspect a b-tch, Almighty Suspect pounded his face in with at least 20 punches.

On further review, I saw that he also spat in his face before punching him. What a blatant breach of privacy! At least Lil Kelpy called him the b-word once more after the fight was over, giving him the satisfaction of knowing he had the final say. Even the smallest successes add up over time.

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