Inosuke Face Reveal: Why Did Inosuke Wear a Boar’s Head?

Inosuke Hashibira is one of Demon Slayer's most enigmatic characters. Aside from the hints thrown along the way by the anime, little is known about this character's life.

He is a memorable character, mispronouncing everyone's names, eating his meal without regard for dining decorum, and being violent.

Inosuke's signature item, though, is the boar's head he wears on top of his own.

For a long time, Inosuke's face was a well-held secret among series fans, until a critical incident exposed the man behind the mask.

In this article, we will delve into the highly anticipated Inosuke face reveal and the impact it had on both the character and the fanbase.

Who Is Inosuke?

Inosuke was born into an abusive household, notably the home of an abusive father. His mother Kotoha kidnapped him as an infant and fled their home.

Doma, the leader of the Paradise Faith cult, took the two in after they escaped. Doma, unbeknownst to them, was a member of the Twelve Kizuki, namely Upper-Rank Two.

inosuke face reveal

When Kotoha saw that Doma was eating his people, he left with baby Inosuke, with Doma hot on his tail.

Kotoha dropped Inosuke into the river below when on a mountain with nowhere else to run, and was then swallowed by Doma. A wild boar then discovered and nurtured Inosuke.

His first encounter with a demon slayer occurred on his mountain shortly before the Final Selection. Inosuke challenged the demon slayer to a duel, claiming that if he won, he would seize his weapons.

He won the competition, discovered more about demons, and opted to compete in the Final Selection. As a result of his survival, he became a new member of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Why Did Inosuke Wear a Boar's Head?

Inosuke had no memories of his birth mother because he was an infant. His mother was the sow who raised him.

She eventually died, thus it's probable that Inosuke wears a boar's head in her honor. This explains why he nearly never takes it off; the head represents familiarity and comfort. His family are the boars, and don't people usually look like their families?

It's no wonder that Inosuke adopted the style of life of wild animals because he was nurtured by them. In nature, several animals use diverse tactics to keep other animals from harming them.

In Inosuke's instance, he may be wearing the boar's head in order to scare himself away from any impending danger.

His crazy demeanor and fighting technique are a perfect match for the wild animal perched atop Inosuke's shoulders.

Inosuke's stunning beauty is a recurrent gag in Demon Slayer. It's amusing that someone as rude as Inosuke has the most exquisite facial features in the entire cast.

Throughout the anime, his precious face has been the brunt of numerous comments and occurrences, which irritates Inosuke.

It may be argued that by covering his fragile face with something as frightening as a boar's head, he will escape criticism about his looks.

Alternatively, Inosuke may wish to conceal his human face from the rest of the world. After all, since his mother is a boar, he must be one as well.

Inosuke Face Reveal

Mr Haganezuka has been a part of Demon Slayer since season one, but his face has never been disclosed due to his role as a Nichiren swordsmith, which requires him to remain anonymous.

Upper Moon Five Gyokko did, however, reveal his face in Demon Slayer season 3 episode 7. Gyokko entered Kozo Kanamori's shed to discover him and Hotaru Haganezuka after trapping Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito in his onslaught.

inosuke face reveal

When he entered the shed, he noticed Haganezuka was entirely focused on sharpening Kamado Tanjiro's blade. Gyokko attacked Haganezuka, injuring him multiple times, in order to distract him and prevent him from honing his art.

Despite this, Haganezuka continued to ignore Gyokko and polish the blade. Gyokko was irritated since he was an artist and had never been able to focus so intensely on his work.

Despite the fact that the demon might easily have slain the swordsmith, he continued to attack him in the hopes of breaking his focus. Mr Haganezuka's mask fell off during these attacks, revealing his face.

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Regardless of his duty to remain anonymous, Hotaru Haganezuka did not become distracted since he was too preoccupied with the sword and wanted to perfect it.

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