‘Ink Master Season 14’ Release Date Officially Announced For Paramount +

You are at the right place, and here you will find information about the Ink Master Season 14 Release Date. Who's in the Cast of Ink Master Season 14? Season 14 of “Ink Master” With Joel Madden Will Air on Paramount+; the Judges.

A Bit About Ink Master Season 14

The first episode of the American reality competition television series Ink Master debuted on January 17, 2012, and was shown on Paramount Network. Tattoo artists compete in various challenges on the show, which evaluates their tattooing and related artistic abilities.

Quick Facts About Ink Master Season 14

Networks: Paramount+, Paramount Network
Judges: Dave Navarro; Chris Núñez; Oliver Peck
Original release: January 17, 2012 –; present
Production location: New York City
Related shows: Ink Master:
Redemption; Ink Master: Angels; Ink Master: Grudge Match


Is There Any Ink Master Season 14 Release Date Announced by Paramount+?

For its 14th season, Ink Master is returning to Paramount+. Next month, the series of tattoo artist competitions will resume, with musician and artist Joel Madden serving as the series' host.

Ink Master Season 14 Release Date

  • The judges are Ryan Ashley, Nikko Hurtado, and Ami James. Dave Navarro, a former host, will make a comeback as “Master of Chaos.”
  • In a press release, Paramount+ provided more information about the return of reality television.
  • “Paramount+ today announced that the relaunch of the famous reality competition series INK MASTER will debut exclusively on the service on September 7 and expand globally wherever the service is available.
  • Additionally, it was revealed that Joel Madden, the pop/punk band Good Charlotte's lead singer and co-founder of the record labels Veeps and MDDN, would host the series.
  • Former INK MASTER champion Ryan Ashley, tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado, and businesswoman Ami James will judge the tournament.
  • INK MASTER, hosted by artist, businessperson, and culture aficionado Madden, returns with fan favorites.
  • For $250,000 and the title of “Ink Master,” artists will compete in some of the competition's most significant, thrilling, and epic tasks.
  • The 10-episode season from MTV Entertainment Studios and Truly Original introduces three new judges: Ryan Ashley.
  • Ami James, a Japanese tattoo specialist and businesswoman with 30 years of expertise, and Nikko Hurtado, one of the top color realism painters in the world and the first female to win INK MASTER (season eight).
  • In his role as the “Master of Chaos,” former host Dave Navarro brings wild twists and game-changing bombs to the competition.
  • The legends must demonstrate that they have the elite abilities that distinguish an Ink Master, including composition, precision, color theory, finesse, stamina, and endurance.
  • One slip-up could send them home, and only one artist will win because the stakes are higher than ever.
  • Glenda Hersh, Steven Weinstock, and Andrea Richter served as the INK MASTER's executive producers.

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The executive producers at MTV Entertainment Studios include Tim Palazzola, Jessica Zalkind, and Benjamin Hurvitz, while the executive in charge of production is Donny Hugo Herran.

Ink Master Season 14 Trailer

Who's in the Cast of Ink Master Season 14?

The component that's not so apparent now is who will evaluate their abilities. The future season will most likely feature a new generation of tattoo artists competing for the chance to win a ton of money and the title of “Ink Master.”

Ink Master Season 14 Release Date

  • Oliver Peck won't be back as a judge, which should go without saying, leaving Dave Navarro and Chris Nez as the remaining judges.
  • They may want to return if they haven't started any new initiatives since 2020.
  • One of the many guest judges that have served as “Ink Master” judges in the past could become a regular panel member.
  • Additionally, Paramount may prefer a fresh start on everything. Future episodes might benefit from adding an entirely new panel of judges.

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It would make sense to change things up after 13 seasons to keep the show interesting, and some new judges could do that.

Season 14 of “Ink Master” With Joel Madden Will Air on Paramount+; Meet the Judges

On September 7, Ink Master will formally return for Season 14 with Joel Madden as the host.

Ink Master Season 14 Release Date

  • The lead singer of Good Charlotte, an entrepreneur and a fan of culture, will serve as a judge on Ink Master Season 14, which will premiere exclusively on Paramount+, according to the streamer's announcement on Friday, August 5.
  • Season 8 champion Ryan Ashley, tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado, and industry veteran Ami James will judge.
  • Legendary tattoo artists compete in the new season of Ink Master.
  • The competition's biggest grand prize is at stake as artists compete and take on extraordinary assignments. Awards include $250,000 and “Ink Master.”
  • Dave Navarro brings crazy surprises and game-changing bombs as “Master of Chaos.”
  • Competitors must show composition, precision, color theory, finesse, stamina, and endurance.
  • One slip-up might send them home, and only one artist will win since the stakes are more significant than ever.
  • Our talent is critical. Dave Navarro is a tattoo lover and specialist, making him the perfect presenter for our event.
  • Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez will join Dave as judges, giving the program additional weight.

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The tattoo community offers an almost infinite supply of prominent, bright personalities. Viewers tune in each week to watch these intriguing tattoo artists compete and engage with one another. The competitors themselves come next.