Ingram’s Lantern Chapter 33 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap and Where To Read!

Are you looking forward to the March release of Ingram's Lantern Chapter 33? Well, you've come to the right place! Things in this Manhwa serial have been heating up since Connac's impending departure from her hometown.

That's why everyone's waiting for the next chapter to come out so eagerly. As the release date of Ingram's Lantern Chapter 33 approaches, we will also reveal what will take place during these celebrations, along with spoilers and suggested reading orders for the chapter.

According to the opening of the most recent chapter, the celebrations lasted for several days. Professor Euris is seen later at the mansion searching for Miss Connac. However, she cannot be located at this time.

When he does find her, he waits for a while before bringing her a cup of black tea. When Connac presses for an explanation, he tells her that he'd like her to take a gift to the Professor during spring break. In this article, we will read Ingram’s Lantern Chapter 33 Release Date in detail. Keep reading to know more.

Ingram’s Lantern Chapter 33 Release Date

On May 28, 2023, you can expect to read Ingram's Lantern Chapter 33.

Let's Take a Look at the Recap of Ingram’s Lantern Chapter 32

When asked why his Sabbatical ended sooner than she expected, Connac replied that he doesn't think he's cut out for leisure because even while on vacation he kept thinking about the study he could have been doing.

Connac then asks Professor Euris if she can ask him a question, mentioning that she saw a book in the library with the words “By Iskadion” on the cover; the book discussed the physiological effect of magical power on the human body.

Ingram’s Lantern Chapter 33 Release Date

Professor Euris then reveals that he placed the book in the library, and asks Connac if she thinks it is a wonderful report. Professor Euris explains that she may have observed that you read it cover to cover, but that what you have is just a rushed first draft, and that the documents he brought out of the palace are merely a small sample of what is actually available.

He tells Connac that the reason why he was only given a small amount, rather than the whole thing, is because the giver didn't specify how much he may take. He sees this as nothing more than a freak occurrence.

Later in the chapter, when Connac presses him for an explanation as to why the experiment was conducted, he explains that if they frame it that way, everyone involved in the experiment stands to gain financially.

Connac now suspects this to be the case with her grandfather, even if it had nothing to do with his happiness or his financial well-being. Then, Connac mentions that she heard the relics of Egaron Bestow's eternal life on the user, prompting him to wonder if they might be involved in the experiment.

Ingram’s Lantern Chapter 33 Release Date

Professor Euris confirms this and adds that the dean used the information gathered and the various magical resources uncovered in the enormous labyrinth to create a blueprint of the mechanism of Eternal Life.

What to Expect from Ingram’s Lantern Chapter 33(Spoilers)?

He quickly rejects Connac's inference that this suggests Professor Kiltz relied on an artifact in some way, explaining that this is not the case because Kiltz is an anomaly. Professor Euris explains that they accomplished everything to develop Immortal Soldiers when Connac later asks him what the ultimate purpose of their research was.

Where To Read Ingram’s Lantern Chapter 33?

Manta will host the next Chapter 33 of Ingram's Lantern at the aforementioned times and dates.

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