Industry Season 3: When Will It Release | Where to Watch It?

Industry on HBO is one of the most stressful shows I can think of. Every episode is a whirlwind of deals that might be illegal, backstabbing, double-crossing, and very cruel insults as this green group of financial gurus try to make it in the tough world of Pierpoint & Co.

You might not chip a tooth if you chew gum when stressed, but you'll likely come close. This tension level makes Industry such a fun show to watch. Want to know if there will be more? So far, this is what we know.

Will There Be a Third Season of Industry?

HBO hasn't said yet if there will be another season of this financial drama or if Harper (Myha'la Herrold) and the rest of the group will have to say goodbye. And between us, the future of this show doesn't look very good.

Industry Season 3

Industry was picked up for another season about three weeks before the end of Season 1. We haven't heard anything about what will happen after the last episode. Then you have to think about the ratings. The broadcast numbers for Industry never went higher than 0.145.

This stressful drama may be more prevalent on streaming, but it seems like it's been flying under the radar based on what we know. But this isn't exactly the last thing that can be done.

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Streaming services usually wait a few weeks to months before letting customers know if their plans will be renewed. After the Warner Bros and Discovery merger, the people in charge of TV may still be figuring out what to do before making a decision.

What Could Happen in Season 3 of Industry?

Do you want to know what happens? Industry finished with the biggest one it could. Harper was brought into a meeting with Pierpoint's HR department after she became friends with Mr. COVID himself, Jesse Bloom (Jay Duplass), and almost got away with insider trading.

Industry Season 3

Do you remember how Harper lied about getting her bachelor's degree? Her boss has finally found out about the lie. If there is a Season 3, it will likely be about Harper's biggest fall yet. But she wouldn't be the only one dealing with a new reality.

When Yasmin (Marisa Abela) found out the truth about her wealthy father, she swore she'd never take money from him again. That choice cost her more than just a place to live and money for shopping.

Celeste (Katrine De Candole) got rid of Yasmin as quickly as possible because she had no connections. It also cost her a job and a lover. We hope these two will be on the same team if there is another season.

Expected Cast of Industry Season 3

Industry Season 2 starred Myha'la Herrold (Harper Stern), Marisa Abela (Yasmin Kara-Hanani), Harry Lawtey (Robert Spearing), and David Jonsson (Gus Sackey) from “Graduates,” as well as Ken Leung (Eric Tao) and Conor MacNeill from “Management.” No future casting news has been made yet (Kenny Kilblane).

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Herrold, who recently co-starred in Bodies Bodies Bodies, told Bustle in September 2022 that Industry was the project that made her believe in herself. She said, “Now I know for sure that I deserve to be here because I have proof that I can do it.” “And I lived to tell about it.”

Industry Season 3

In the second season of the show, new cast members Alex Alomar Akpobome (Danny Van Deventer), Indy Lewis (Venetia Berens), Katrine de Candole (Celeste Pacquet), Jay Duplass (Jesse Bloom), Sonny Poon Tip (Leo Bloom), and Adam Levy (Leo Bloom) stirred things up at Pierpoint & Co. and beyond (Charles Hanani).

Expected Premiere Date of Industry Season 3

The business world is in a strange place. The show's first season came out on HBO in 2020, but the second season didn't come out until 2022. If there is a third season, it will likely start airing in 2023 or 2024. It is unclear if a new season of this show takes two years to make or if it was delayed because of COVID-19.

How Many Episodes Will Industry Season 3 Have?

Industry Season 3

We won't talk about the upcoming third season of the TV show Industry because we don't want to give anything away. This makes it hard to know when the episodes of season 3 will come out. Industry's third season will have at least eight episodes if it's anything like the second season.

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Where Can You Find Industry to Watch?

Industry is an HBO original, so you can only watch it if you have an HBO account. You know what to do if you have one from your cable company. Make sure HBO is open on Mondays before the show's new episodes come out.

How do you feel? You lack HBO Max, do you? Not a big deal. To watch the show on HBO Max, you'll need to sign in with your cable account information. Plans that are free but have ads cost $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year. If you would rather not see ads, it will cost $14.99 per month.