In the Name of God Season 2 Release Date: Let’s Explore the Possibilities!

Are you ready to be taken on a voyage into the world of the ultimate manipulators? In the Name of God, a new documentary series on Netflix has recently premiered. Four influential Koreans have been exposed as using their positions for their own advantage in this docuseries.

This documentary delves into the shadowy side of leadership, examining the ways in which those in authority can deceive those under them. Several leaders in the past have been more interested in furthering their own interests than in advancing the common good.

This documentary will investigate the strategies used by such leaders, and the influence they have had on the people they have fooled. The documentary delves further into the minds and environments of these con artists to uncover the root causes of their success.

These leaders promote their agendas by spreading lies, deceit, and terror. Follow us as we investigate the shadowy side of leadership and its destructive effects on its followers.

In the Name of God Season 2 Release Date: When It Is Going to be Air?

The new documentary series In the Name of God premieres on Netflix on March 2, 2023. The four corrupt leaders of Korea featured in the show are Jeong Myeong, Park Soon-Ja, Kim Ki-Soon', and Lee Jae-Rok. There are just 8 episodes in the documentary series, and there has been no word yet on a second season.

Have you watched the Season 1 of In the Name of God? If not, don't worry we are here for you. Take a look at the recap of season 1 of In the Name of God. The show tells the tale of four corrupt Korean rulers who used their people as pawns in their own power grabs. The documentary will analyze the effects of these leaders' deceptive strategies on their followers.

The leader of the Baby Garden religious cult, Kim Ki-Soon, was investigated by South Korean police in the late 1990s on suspicion of extortion, assault & murder. Sexual abuse, malnutrition & minor beatings were allegedly reported by ex-members.

Further shocking details emerged during Kim's detention. When construction on a skyscraper in South Korea was nearing completion in August 1987, 32 members of the religious organization and trading company Five Oceans were found dead in the ceiling of the cafeteria.

In the Name of God Season 2 Release Date

Mass suicide motivated by religious fanaticism was at first suspected, but as the group wiped out nearly ten million dollars, suspicions began to grow. The initial incident is linked to a religious institution called JMS Church. In the 1980s, Myeong-Seok led a group of Christians in a new religious organization called JMS.

There was a huge following among young adults and college students. Nevertheless, Myeong-2008 seok's conviction for raping three female followers exposed the JMS organization to the public. Several unresolved claims of sexual misbehavior also follow him around.

The story of JMS serves as a warning against following false leaders and putting too much faith in them. With the power of God, Lee Jae-Manmin Rock's Central Church became famous and was able to cure even the most terminal diseases.

In 1999, however, supporters tried to forcefully halt a broadcast that exposed their leader amid ongoing charges of fraudulent and illegal operations. Followers' naïve confidence was shattered by the ensuing revelations about Lee Jae-rock and the church.

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