Imp of the Sun – A “nonlinear 2D action-platformer” With A Unique Design

It's worth checking out if you liked the Metroidvania “Hollow Knight,” the modern platformer “Celeste,” or any other hard and colorful indie game. Gamers have already been enthralled by early glimpses of Sunwolf's upcoming title's unusual design and premise.

A “nonlinear 2D action-platformer” with a tale inspired by ancient Peruvian civilizations, the developers have released some of the history woven into the game, including enemy designs based on age-old stone carvings from Peruvian temples, which is what Steam defines the game as.

imp of the sun

If you're a fan of Metroidvanias, you'll want to play this one again and again! According to the game's official Twitter account, speed-runners will find lots of rewards in this title.

Although “Imp of the Sun” is still a few years away, creators have given gamers a taste of what to expect from the upcoming action-adventure.

Imp of the Sun Release Date

The game was originally scheduled to be released on June 20, 2021, however, it has been postponed until early 2022. A new publisher for “Imp of the Sun” was discovered in late August, according to the game's Discord channel, which may have contributed to the slight delay and subsequent new release window.

Even while there is no official release date for the game as of yet, it appears that it will be available in the first few months of 2022, barring any further delays.

While you're waiting for the game to be released, you can listen to the soundtrack online to get a sense of the game's lighthearted atmosphere.

imp of the sun

Keeping up with the game's official Twitter account is another excellent method to find out about new information, and the developers have even provided a few amusing puzzles to help players prepare for the types of problems they'll encounter.

Sunwolf has certainly put forth a great deal of work to ensure that the wait for “Imp of the Sun” continues to be an exciting experience.

Imp of the Sun Trailer

The announcement trailer, which was shown presented at Gamescom 2021, provided plenty of reasons for potential players to be excited. The trailer for “Imp of the Sun” is a lot of fun, thanks to the bright and colorful setting and the fascinating fighting mechanisms that are demonstrated.

The trailer begins by establishing the fundamental premise of the game. Following the theft of the Sun's power, the entire globe has been thrown into an “eternal eclipse.” Nin the Imp, the protagonist of the game, was created by the Sun to serve as an agent on Earth.

In order to re-ignite the sun, Nin must first amass enough power to do it. According to the game's Steam description, the ultimate purpose of the game is to “restore balance to the Empire” by “bringing back the light.”

On the game's official website, it is said that players must beat five separate bosses in order to complete the game's final mission. It also used the foreboding term “punishing” to describe these supervisors.


“Imp of the Sun” is a platforming action game that also has strong melee combat and exploration. Side quests are also included in the game, which provides players with access to more plot content while also allowing them to learn more about the planet and its mythology.

The use of fire will be quite significant in the game. Nin will “use fire to light [her] path… across a darkness country,” according to the game's official website, and it appears like Nin will have plenty of opportunities to battle with fire in the game.

Nin's fighting techniques, which include both air and ground attacks, can be improved by leveling up.

imp of the sun

As Nin progresses through the game, he will be able to get access to new abilities, a mechanic that should be recognizable to fans of Metroidvania games.

As a result of his ability to double jump, it appears that Nin will be able to move around dangerous barriers in his quest to save the Sun. The trailer shows a variety of diverse locales, ranging from dusty old tombs to what appears to be an underground river, among other things.

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